With the “America's Got Talent” finals for Season 13 next week, none of this week's 11 performers were slouching or giving less than their best, but no matter the effort, only five would stand as finalists by the end of the night on September 12. The South Korean boy band sensation, BTS, revved up the energy from the get-go with the screams and supercharged energy from the Dolby Theatre audience. The group performed their international hit, “Idol,” and while that word is related to another competition, the tune certainly seemed to fit the moment.

For fans at home, there were a few nice close-ups, too, before the tension of the vote revelations took over the “America's Got Talent” stage.

In for a wait

The first order of business for Tyra Banks is to announce the contenders for the “save” vote from viewers and fans, and after the nerves that shook almost every performer in the semifinals this week, the long wait for this outcome would be even more wrenching, Opera singer, Daniel Emmet, singer, Glennis Grace, and family band, We Three, were called as the acts on the bubble. Daniel Emmet has known the power of the being spared at the last second, and Glennis Grace earned raves for her rendition of “This Woman's Work” this week. Mel B is still a big fan of We Three, but the sibling musicians got harsh critique from Simon Cowell, who said their poppy, original song with horns was “a mess.” Once more, the performers had to rely on their fans to remember all their performances and pull them through to the finals.

On a much happier note, with hardly a minute of waiting, comic Vicki Barbolak, dangerous magician, Aaron Crowe, and dance troupe, Da Republik, were summoned for the first official vote results. Vicki Barbolak earned the votes as the first finalist of this group, and her gratitude was purely genuine. Her family’s life will be different from now on, and no one will see this hard-working mom as “nasty” apart from her riotous routine.

Three singers, a fiddler, and another save

Following a pause for some fun filler, with Heidi Klum playing her own fake stand-in during photos with fans, there was a performance by Magical Surf Circus, and a sweet promotional spot with Simon Cowell smooching one of his dogs to support “The Grinch,” in theaters this Christmas.

Noah Guthrie, Courtney Hadwin, and Christina Wells were called for the next vote. The anxiety was evident in Guthrie and Wells, but teenage Hadwin was visibly trembling. That meekness was in contrast to her roaring “Born To Be Wild,” that capped the semifinals this week.

Courtney Hadwin became the finalist, and Howie Mandel gushed that “I smell $1 million!” taking over for his golden buzzer girl. The young singer could hardly speak, except for her disbelief of coming this far. Christina Wells and Noah Guthrie have no reason to hang their heads, as both talents are certainly already enjoying phone calls for prominent bookings, with much better billing on the marquee, not to mention pay.

The next contenders, Angel City Chorale and Brian King Joseph, have become incredible sources of inspiration all through this season of “America's Got Talent.” The choir and its director have sparked massive feedback from around the globe, not just for their vocals and masterful stagecraft, but for the portrait of unity and acceptance that their presence and music convey.

Brian King Joseph battles through the pain of his neuropathic disease with every pass of his bow on his violin, yet his smile and spirit are what is memorable from the artist onstage.

Brian King Joseph fell to his knees upon hearing his name called and expressed pure gratitude for being able “to do what I love for as long as I can,” and let's hope that is a long while.

Angel City Chorale deserves to be filling the world’s stages with their songs and messages of inclusion and love for a very long time, too. A show with these two acts together is a magnificent idea and would make a great “America's Got Talent” success story.

At last, the time came to reveal which performer the public chose to save, and a very thankful Glennis Grace heard her name very clearly from Tyra Banks this time.

She got ovations from the judges and a standing crowd to confirm the decision.

The last decision of the night came to the judges, debating between Daniel Emmet and We Three. Mel B stayed true with the family band, while the other three judges voted for Emmet, who thanked America and his fans for another huge show of saving grace.

Season 13 wraps up next week with the finals, and the judges have no more say in choosing the acts. The final vote may very well come down to the indelible passion of adoptive dad and singer, Michael Ketterer and the raw, powerhouse performance of Simon Cowell’s favorite “maniac,” Courtney Hadwin. The final choice lies with the voters.

The 2018 “America's Got Talent” finalists are Shin Lim, Michael Ketterer, Zurcaroh, Duo Transcend, Samuel J Comroe, Vicki Barbolak, Daniel Emmet, Glennis Grace, Courtney Hadwin, and Brian King Joseph.