Spoiler alerts teased for weeks that a big hookup was coming to "The Young and the Restless." Summer and Kyle were supposed to have a night of passion after she lost the bet that she would be able to get Billy into bed with her. Instead, on Wednesday, Kyle pretended he was asleep when he realized Summer did not feel about him the way he did for her. The two former lovers had a chat where Kyle admitted he still had strong feelings for his ex. Unfortunately, Summer responded that she loved him like a brother and Kyle decided to walk away from her completely and not even be a friend.

This opens the door for Arturo's sister Lola to enter and capture his heart.

Summer reaches out to Kyle

At the end of Wednesday's "Y&R" episode Summer tried to reach out to Kyle by calling and texting him to meet her. She obviously felt bad that they did not get to hook up the night before. When he met with her on Thursday she spoke about their getting together as if it were a business deal with no emotion involved. Summer told Kyle she wanted to get the deed over with while they were in their 20's because if they got any older it would be tragic.

Kyle listened to her and the pain he felt was written all over his face. He wanted the night to be one of lovemaking and refused to settle for less.

Summer babbled on, talking about how her ex still had feelings for her. She seemed completely clueless as to how he truly felt and spoke as if it were all a game. She seemed completely oblivious to the fact that Kyle was hurting and that she was the reason.

Kyle is heartbroken over Summer

On Thursday, as Kyle and Summer were talking, he was brutally honest in saying he had never gotten over her.

He admitted he did not sleep with her the night before because he realized she had no feelings for him. Viewers could see the pain in his eyes as he looked for any sign that Ms. Newman had even the slightest romantic interest in him. For a moment there was a glimmer of hope as Summer said: "Kyle, I love you," then quickly added: "Like a brother."

Kyle told her that he did not want her in his life as just a friend and he walked away, clearly heartbroken.

A confused Summer watched him walk away and it was clear to see that she regretted hurting him. Kyle's pain won't last long, as spoilers have been saying for more than a week that a new woman is coming to Genoa City and that she will catch the eye of Mr. Abbott. Arturo and Rey's little sister Lola will come to town, and Kyle will be smitten with her.