Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say that Eric Braeden -- who portrays Victor Newman -- will be taking an abrupt 30-day leave of absence. This came just after the fan favorite announced on social media that he was troubled over the direction the show is headed. He mentioned that he did not like the way his character was now being portrayed and that he is also upset over the firing of veteran actor Doug Davidson (who portrays Paul Williams). Some outraged fans are calling for head writer Mal Young to be fired, as well as calling for a boycott of the show.

Whether or not Braeden's vacation is a form of protest is unknown, but the timing is certainly suspect.

Victor's absence comes when he is front and center in Genoa City

Victor is in the middle of several major storylines right now on "Y&R." On Wednesday, he realized that his father Albert Miller might also be the biological dad of Jack Abbott. Soaps She Knows spoilers indicate that the Newman patriarch will be making a major decision this week and it will no doubt shake up Genoa City residents. Based on previous CDL and Soaps She Knows spoilers, Victor may try to prevent his nemesis from finding out they are siblings.

There is no way to know what scenes Eric Braeden has already taped, so fans will not know how his departure will affect Dina's baby daddy reveal.

Victor Newman is also involved in the investigation of the disappearance of J.T. Hellstrom, as well as his ongoing difficult relationship with his son, Nick. A month-long leave of absence will certainly be noticed.

'Y&R' storylines defy Genoa City history

Spoilers quote both Doug Davidson and Eric Braeden mentioning on social media that they do not like the way things have been changed on "The Young and the Restless." In recent months new head writer Mal Young has revealed that Jack is not John Abbott's son and turned Dina into a harlot who slept with many men in Genoa City while married to John.

Now it seems that Victor's dad Albert Miller may also be the biological dad of Jack. The two actors are not alone -- fans are outraged as well.

There is also the fiasco of having Victor and Nikki involved in an open marriage which was quite out of character for them both. "Y&R" viewers also do not like the fact that the one couple who seems to weather every storm is Billy and Phyllis.

They came about as a result of her cheating on her then-husband Jack with his brother. Also, prior to Mal Young taking over, Billy was maturing, and it seemed that he and Victoria were going to get back together. Now he is spiraling out of control with gambling once again.

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