Ashley Jacobs threatened legal action against Thomas “TRav” Ravenel following his social media posts intimating that she was unfaithful to him during their year-long relationship, according to Radar Online. Ravenel, who claimed to have quit the popular Bravo reality showSouthern Charm,” took to Twitter on August 26, relaying lyrics from the Chicago song “If She Would Have Been Faithful.” His tweet was in reference to his defunct relationship with Jacobs, Radar Online noted.

In addition to citing the Chicago song, Ravenel stated that after getting the meaning of the lyrics, his life was moving forward.

The effect of his Twitter notations motivated Jacobs to reach out to her former beau’s lawyer, as she threatened to invoke legal action.

Threat of legal action prompts Ravenel’s change of tune about former girlfriend

Ravenel changed his tune on August 29. His Twitter account reflected a revision to his previous posting about Jacobs, Radar Online stated. The former reality star penned that he actually did not have “information” to support the claim that Jacobs “ever cheated” on him. Ravenel also said that Jacobs did not “deserve” his comments that suggested that she was anything less than faithful.

Ravenel’s tweets on August 26 were characterized by People as “cryptic.” Even so, fans and followers, as well as Jacobs, understood the meaning of his posts and the target of his messages.

After he tweeted, Ravenel “caused quite a stir,” US Weekly observed.

Ex-girlfriend says she never ‘strayed’ while dating TRav

Ravenel and Jacobs began dating in May 2017. Jacobs went public with the break in their relationship on August 15.

She posted a live video on her Instagram account. Jacobs, a registered nurse, asserted that she neverstrayed” from Ravenel while dating him, according to Page Six.

Not until it was clear that Jacobs and Ravenel were not seeing each other exclusively did she begin seeing other men.

Jacobs, 33, was not caught off-guard by Ravenel’s tweets, though. She had already blocked him from her Instagram. Jacobs believes that TRav was attempting to provoke a “reaction.”

Ravenel and Jacobs' breakup far from Kathryn Dennis’ mind in the Bahamas

As Jacobs and Ravenel iron-out their breakup, TRav’s ex, Kathryn Dennis, is enjoying herself in the Bahamas, according to People. Kathryn is the mother of TRav’s young children -- daughter Kensie and son Saint.

Before her trip to the Bahamas, media agencies reported that Kathryn deemed a public apology from Jacobs a joke. The apology appeared to lack sincerity. Still, Jacobs wrote that she was out of line regarding the cruel comments she directed at Kathryn, calling her an egg donor, for example.

With Kathryn in the Bahamas having a good time, it seems that she is not the least bit concerned about her ex and his breakup issues. She has been listening to Cardi B, as People reported. Dennis also spent time with her friends, swimming and catching a tan.

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