As avid “Southern Charm” viewers and fans may recall, it was not all that long ago that Cameran Eubanks and Kathryn Dennis rarely shared pleasantries, much less many on-screen interactions. Cameran was standoffish toward Kathryn.

Cameran aimed to avoid the drama that she believed stuck with Kathryn like Velcro. While many who make up Bravo’s “Southern Charm” cast attempted to bring the two women together to possibly forge a friendship, Cameran was having no part of it – or of Kathryn. The situation between the castmates has since changed, according to People.

Baby Palmer brings fresh perspective for Cameran

Having a baby seemed to have brought a fresh perspective into Cameran’s life. During Season 5, Cameran gave birth to Palmer Corrine, who is now nine months old. Following her baby’s birth, Cameran viewed Kathryn through a new lens. No longer is Kathryn seen as the person responsible for much of the ongoing feud with her ex, Thomas Ravenel.

Kathryn and Ravenel have two small children, a daughter Kensie, 14, and a younger son, Saint. Much of the storyline between the two Bravo reality stars has centered on their custody clashes involving their children. Cameran described her co-star as a “doing wonderful,” People penned.

She also believes that Kathryn is a “wonderful mother.”

Cameran understands Kathryn was treated poorly by ex, Thomas Ravenel

In retrospect, Cameran stated that she realizes that it was actually Kathryn who was treated poorly by Thomas Ravenel, People reported. Kathryn is not seen as the magnet, perpetually drawing “discord.” Cameran has extended her tearful apology to Kathryn.

Thomas Ravenel also recently had to defend himself against sexual assault claims.

Instead of getting to know Kathryn on her own terms, Cameran said she allowed her judgment to be clouded by her perception of the situation from a distance. But after seeing how Ravenel and his then-girlfriend treated Kathryn, Cameran saw things much more clearly.

She realized the error she made in passing judgment on her castmate, Kathryn, who she now sees “in a different light.”

Castmates ‘closer’ following ‘Southern Charm’ reunion show

From the time that the “Southern Charm” Season 5 reunion show was filmed, Cameran relayed that she and Kathryn have become much “closer.” The women have, since, met one another’s children. They have even discussed the potential for the children to share play dates. Viewers and fans may also peer at Kathryn’s social media accounts to see that she seems to be in a much better place that she was in past seasons of the Bravo show.

Kathryn evokes compliments on social media after photo shoot for article

Kathryn, who is 26, has been receiving praise and compliments from her social media followers.

Whether it is Instagram or Twitter, the comments reflect that people appreciate the effort that the reality star has invested in her well-being – for herself and for her children. She posted on Instagram and on Twitter about appearing in “Skirt” magazine’s current issue. Kathryn is prominently featured in an article with seven women who went before a camera and were photographed without makeup. The article definitely makes the point that “beauty” exudes from within a woman, regardless of her age.

The young mom stated that her hope for Kensie, is that her little girl will grow up feeling confident. The effects of her wishes for her daughter are that she dumped having a bathroom scale and she (Kathryn) no longer speaks “negatively” about herself.

After sharing a photo of the article on social media platforms, one of her Twitter followers responded. Pamela Musgrave (using the handle @MusgravePamela) noted, for instance, that she rarely comments on public figure’s posts, but she made an exception. “You are the same age as my daughter,” Musgrave wrote, adding, “I’ve watched you go from a cautionary tale due to your youth to an admirable trailblazer!”

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