"Southern Charm" star Thomas Ravenel is dealing with a huge accusation against him. This news recently came out, but until now, Thomas hadn't shared his side of the story yet. He isn't saying a lot, but People did get a statement from his attorney that explains a little bit.

What are these accusations?

Thomas is now dealing with accusations from Real estate agent Ashley Perkins about something that she says Thomas did to her mother after meeting her on Tinder back in October 2015. Ashley says that she didn't see what happened to her mother Debbie Holloway Perkins and that she didn't actually see it happen.

She actually says that Thomas allegedly held her mom's arms back and touched her in an inappropriate way that she got very graphic describing. She does have pictures of her mother's arms that look pretty bad, but of course, no proof that this happened when she was with Thomas Ravenel.

Ashley explained it all saying, "Her wrists were starting to look bad the next morning. I said, ‘We need to see who we’re dealing with.’ She didn’t want to do anything." Ashley went on to say that her mom was scared to say anything, but they got pictures just in case so that they could have them if they ever need them. She swears that her mom signed a non-disclosure agreement and was paid $200,000 to stay quiet.

Not sure why they have decided to speak out now.

They are speaking out now and Ashley says that she wants Thomas removed from Bravo. She doesn't want him on the show "Southern Charm" at all anymore. She also wants women who are sexually assaulted to not be afraid about speaking out even if it is a powerful man that did this to them.

She is also hoping that Bravo will apologize for allowing him to be on the show. Right now, Bravo isn't saying what they plan to do at all if anything since there is now proof.

What did Thomas Ravenel have to say?

Thomas Ravenel himself is still being quiet, but he decided it was time for his lawyer to speak out in his defense.

Ravenel’s attorney, Richard P. Terbrusch, told People in a statement, "My client enjoys a certain degree of fame and unfortunately has become – unfairly – a target for an individual who has, in my opinion, dubious motivations." It sounds like Thomas will be staying quiet for now.

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