People Magazine, along with several Hollywood gossip publications, have reported the possible breakup between one of Bravo’s most controversial couples. Thomas Ravenel and his girlfriend, Ashley Jacobs, have reportedly gone their separate ways the media outlets recently announced. An Instagram video posted by Jacobs on August 15, depicted reality star, Ashley, in tears and speaking about Ravenel.

Jacobs prefaced comments about their relationship by stating, “I love Thomas,” adding that she will “always love him,” Page Six reported. The couple dated for more than a year, People pointed out.

In fact, Bravo’s past season of “Southern Charm” featured segments of Ravenel and Jacobs together, along with drama the duo provoked regarding his ex, Kathryn Dennis.

Jacobs shared live video on Instagram, appearing to address breakup with Ravenel

In her live video on Instagram, Jacobs addressed her current situation, saying she made “mistakes” and that she is also working “things” out. She clearly stated that she does not mean that she is not focusing on “getting back together,” Page Six reported.

Between People and Page Six, as well as additional media sources, it appears Ravenel and Jacobs have called their year-long relationship quits. She explained that, while “everyone” has experienced breakups, it is still difficult.

Jacobs assured that she is taking care of herself. She claims to have gained 10 pounds in the time since “Season Charm” taped season five.

In stating to her fans and followers, Jacobs certainly doesn’t seem to leave room for guesswork about her current relationship status. She said, “You guys know some eligible bachelors, hook me up.” Jacobs, 33, and Ravenel, who is in his 50s, were together since May 2017.

Jacobs relays regrets over comments about Ravenel’s ex, Kathryn

Jacobs, who is a registered nurse, mentioned that when she is another relationship, she will continue working. She also acknowledged making mistakes by making comments that she shouldn’t have stated. Jacobs, along with Ravenel, were rather harsh toward Ravenel’s ex, Kathryn, who is also the mother of his young daughter and son.

In one episode, Jacobs lashed out at Kathryn, saying that the young mom was an “egg donor.” She owned up to her regret for statements she made and apologizing to people she “hurt.” If she could, Jacobs said that she wishes she could change things but knows that there is no turning back. Instead, she assured she is moving forward, adding, “You can’t change the beginning but I can change the ending,” according to People in its reporting on Jacobs’ Instagram video.

Signs Jacobs and Ravenel were a couple removed from Instagram

Jacobs and Ravenel have removed photos of each other from their respective Instagram accounts, Fox News noted. The move to delete images of one another followed Ravenel’s proclamation on Twitter that he will not return to Bravo’s “Southern Charm,” Page Six reported.

Ravenel believes Bravo took too much liberty to “fictionalize” the storyline about Ravenel embroidered into the episodes. He tweeted on August 14 that the network “took advantage” of him.

Southern Charm” premiered on Bravo in 2014. Since its beginning, Ravenel has been a cast member. Since the birth of his daughter, Kensie, and son, Saint, much of Ravenel’s storyline revolved around his contentious custody fight with Kathryn Dennis.

One of the exceptions that Ravenel takes with Bravo is about how he was represented on “Southern Charm” centers on the number of times he asked that his ex be drug tested, People reported on August 13. He shared a tweet alleging that “Southern Charm” made it appear that he wanted Kathryn tested for drugs three times every week.

Ravenel, however, stated that it was a total of three times he asked that his ex to be tested. After sharing the tweet, he deleted the comments from his Twitter account.

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