There's still no official title for the upcoming Star Wars film, but it is currently in production and that's providing some early looks at possible scenes. Some fans may have soured after the departure from cannon and the "Force Awakens" storyline. There's also been news that Disney is slowing down production on future Star Wars films, but there's still some hope out there. Director and producer JJ Abrams is back at the helm for Episode IX and could very well find a way to tie things neatly together to keep fans happy. Meanwhile, new set photos that have surfaced online give a look at familiar heroes, some possible new characters, and one popular spaceship.

Millenium Falcon will return

While several of the original trilogies' main players may not have survived past the first two films of the new trilogy, the popular Millenium Falcon has. It's basically become the go-to battleship for Rey and Chewbacca, who each have taken control in the past two films. It appears as though it is going to play a part again in the ninth film of the series, as set photos have emerged showing the front of the ship in what appears to be a forest.

The set photos (above) first emerged from's Twitter post.

The Falcon has been a fixture in the Movies ever since the original "Star Wars: A New Hope," and was shown off in the spinoff "Solo" movie as part of Han Solo's origin. It only makes sense that the popular vehicle returns again, as it has been nostalgic for longtime fans and remains relevant. Plus, one of its main pilots is still around for the finale of this trilogy.

Star Wars heroes and possible new characters

The newest trilogy has been putting forth new characters in a story that's all its own. That meant parting ways with some of the iconic characters from the original films. In a "Last Jedi" spoiler, fans saw the demise of Luke Skywalker, but by his own powerful use of the Force. It's likely that he could return as a "Force Ghost" in the ninth film.

It appears that fan-favorite Chewbacca will remain a part of the new film's story, as he's been shown on set.

So have the newer heroes, Finn and Poe Dameron. In "Episode VIII," Finn was off on a side mission with Rose while Poe remained on board his group's ship to try to fend off their attackers. Both characters were billed as major characters ahead of "Force Awakens," so it should be interesting to see where this part of the story takes them. Disney and Lucasfilm may open the door for some sort of future spinoffs involving these characters.

In addition to Chewie, Finn, and Poe, a few other unknown individuals are on the movie set. Some of them are shown completely covered up. It appears that three of the actors, all women, are wearing camouflage robes/poncho-type outfits. Could these be similar to outfits that Luke and Leia wore during "The Return of the Jedi" movie?

There's also a shot of Chewbacca with his weapon in hand standing next to a horse. It's currently unknown where this part of the film will take place but one can guess that it's a forest-like landscape. Fans saw that sort of landscape in "Return of the Jedi" on Endor with the Ewoks (above), and also as part of "The Force Awakens" where Moz's castle was located. In "The Last Jedi," Luke's island where he went into exile also had that sort of landscape.

For now, fans can only guess, as "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" threw many people for a loop. With JJ Abrams in charge of "Star Wars: Episode IX," there may be a nice payoff after all, but only time will tell.