I cannot express enough how much I love the angles and the camera work of this show. I mentioned it at the start of last week’s post and I’ll probably mention it again next week. To me, it’s one of the biggest reasons why I watch it so religiously. It’s so dark and musky, painting the sky grey and the buildings black. It really does allow me to appreciate how much this adaptation of Gotham is true to the concept.

Moving on from the videography, we learn in last week’s episode all about the priorities of the GCPD and just how corrupt it’s become.

Sparking confliction between the unstoppable force that is Bullock and Gordon. We also get a little closer to finding out what Professor Pyg is actually up to. But that’s not the most interesting point to be made about last week’s episode. Instead, the focus is on Bruce and the man he is forming into. Which if you are a Batman fan it’s no secret that he is heading down this road.

Gordon the righteous

As investigations continue in the Professor Pyg case, Gordon finds himself steering away from the ways of GCPD. Understanding that with each passing problem and criminal the precinct gets more and more corrupt.

He is still playing the good cop hand and refusing to fall short and grant Penguin complete control of the law.

Gordon seems to be the only cop on the force with a decent and working moral compass. Always trying to keep everyone in check and make sure the law is upheld, which is a seemingly difficult job. In the previous episode and even seasons, we have seen the GCPD play its part in the criminal underworld and get its hands dirty once or twice.

But this week’s episode shoves it in a whole new direction.

As Pyg has threatened the lives of everyone on the force, the hunt for his head is becoming ruthless and savage. We see members of the force beating and attacking innocent civilians in order to get the information they want. I think that’s a tactic that should be left to the criminals of Gotham, not its protectors.

This sparks a massive confrontation between Gordon and Bullock as Jim can’t stand by and just let it happen.

There are a few heated and intense guns pointing moments to look out for. As well as moments, I think Jim is going to lose his cool, but he doesn’t. It’s safe to say after Gordon is a man on a mission to rid Gotham of its corruption and as much as he is good, I wouldn’t like to be on his receiving end.

I feel as though all of Gordon's hot-headedness and determination to do the right thing has caused others in the force to re-assess their lives and what they are doing. Especially as he almost gave his life protecting and saving those stuck in the trapped building Gordon pleaded them not to go in.

Through his actions, he has managed to inspire and motivate other cops to follow his lead, which we see at the end when a fellow cop rejects a criminal with one of Penguin’s license. It’s a massive step in the right direction and nice to see him finally get the respect he deserves. Although now there seems to be some unspoken friction between himself and Bullock. Who knows maybe Bullock will give up his captain chair and let Gordon run the precinct the way it should be run.

Professor Pyg uncovered

This character is just so fun to see develop. He really knows how to paint a picture and always stay 2 steps in front of the GCPD.

I thought that sending every police officer in Gotham bar James Gordon a severed pigs head was a genius and well-constructed idea. It’s obvious that this foe is one with the brains to do incredibly horrific things, which would intimate even the likes of Gordon.

This episode really helps build upon the development of the Pyg character as we find out the meaning of his name, why he has targeted Gordon and what he looks like. Revealing himself at the end of the show. We learn that he has bigger and more terrifying plans in the works involving Jim and their shared but very different vision. I’m confident that given what we have already seen from this character we are in for a great fourth season.

The rise of Bruce Wayne

To make up for the absence of Bruce Wayne in the previous episode, the show has given us amazing content to display the growth of the billionaire. We see Bruce is still feeling fresh in taking another person’s life and that he still doesn’t know how to control the effects of having that on his conscience.

Even though Ra's al Ghul was the demons head and one of the world’s most horrific being in existence, he still feels morally wrong about his actions. This we see causes him to change into the Bruce Wayne we all know. The Bruce we see in the films when his character is all grown up.

The Bruce who splashes his cash around and parties too hard.

This seems to be the start of that Bruce which means his Dark Knight persona will also become more developed. It’s going to be incredibly interesting to see him take the lead with his vigilante passion and create this reckless mask for the people of Gotham to see. In doing so he will be able to concentrate more on what he wants out of The Dark Knight without people getting suspicious.

Concluding thoughts

Everything about this episode caught my attention. The defiance of Gordon, the behaviors change in Bruce, the reveal of Professor Pyg.

I was gripping the edge of my seat wanting more.

Of course, there are still other main characters to consider in the show. Ones that are doing amazing jobs at developing and gaining friction. There’s still the question of Sophia’s intent towards Oswald. The mystery of how far Nygma has gotten with gaining his intelligence back, and the confusion to what Barbra, Selina, and Tabitha are up to with their newly found alliance. So many possibilities, so much potential.