This week’s episode of "Gotham" (S04 E10 Things That Go Boom) was rather heavy. There is murder and blood from the start with such a well-orchestrated scene that it took me a while to remember I was watching Fox -- not cable. While wise parents might even have time to take their kids out of the room -- some might enjoy the bloodbath together?

Then we have Jim being manipulated, and the all-out war between Penguin and Sofia Falcone is about to happen! Let me tell you, it’s necessary to really suspend your beliefs, really, when watching Gotham.

Penguin killing children just for showing off

Sofia is such a manipulative person and her power extends wide enough to reach Penguin’s mother issues, exploiting it to her favor. It seems he knew it all along. Why he simply doesn’t end her at the mere revelation of what she was plotting is just beyond belief. Rather strange, though, is Sofia’s relationship with Selina and the likes of her. One might wonder if Sofia and her new “friends” will manage to stand up to Oswald and his entire empire.

When a full grown man is obsessed by an angelical child like Martin, it makes it easy to find Oswald crazier and rather likable at the same time, even if you think he will assassinate the boy when things have a massive twist at the end.

It’s all strategy. The writers would never have you hating Oswald entirely. This is a weekly show and they need you to like him. So when the car goes boom there is an effect that soon gets remedied. This is a character powerful enough to mess with Sofia at the climax point while being likable with the whole Martin situation.

It keeps you wondering if he has a real heart, or if it’s all a show.

A catastrophic fall finale for Jim Gordon?

And seriously what is it with the Arkham Asylum? Everybody always escapes! It’s funny, just as in the comics, with the writers trying to pull a two-faced thing between Jim and Professor Pyg. Why does he need a pat on the back from Jim?

Why the need of being recognized as Master of crime?

Jim mistreats Valentin until he stops putting on a show and now he is out to prove that Jim is wrong, to prove his worth the number one spot on "Gotham’s" most powerful list!

But what would "Gotham" be without crazy men out there committing crimes and even fighting each other to get the number one spot? And, hey, there is some “work done” by Valentin, the likes of which will make anyone feel a bit uneasy. Why would he try to change his appearance that much? What else is he hiding? Jim obviously is onto it and will reconstruct his face with computer-generated imagery.

Now that all cards are on the table and we already know how things will go down between Penguin and Sofia, it leaves out many questions on how it will happen and how many will perish while they go full out war at each other.

One might wonder how much blood Fox is allowed to show on TV in that time slot. Slitting throats is a no-brainer anymore and it probably won’t have anyone imitating such acts around the country. Meanwhile, there is so much pressure on Jim being the GCPD captain during this whole mess and it’s possible they might add some drama here just to spice things up a little bit, right?