Kanye West arrived at 2 Chainz' wedding wearing what has been described by Twitterati as hospital slippers, house shoes to air mattresses. The slippers were short, and Kanye’s feet were hanging off the sides.

It was the first appearance by Kanye since he was baffled on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” when Kimmel asked whether President Trump cares about the Black community. Kanye later made amends and said that he was not stumped but did not have time to answer the questions.

Kanye’s clothing sense questioned

It is not for the first time Kanye’s clothing sense has been put on the altar.

In 2012 he was giving performances donning weird beaded and feathered face masks. Again he was pictured in Paris Fashion Week displaying head-to-toe tie-dye and a shirt with a giant bluebird on it.

The social media was berating West’s shoes, but a section of the common circuit felt that there is nothing wrong in putting comfort over fashion and ultimately what matters is what the legs feel when you put it into a slipper or a shoe.

A Twitter user felt that Kayne is famous enough and he makes this point every time he does a bizarre act.

Some may call it arrogance, but as the adage goes, it is difficult to be modest when you are famous.

Marketing Stunt

West has his very own sneaker partnership with Adidas and is often scoffed so-ugly-that-it’s-cool approach to style.

His line of apparels includes sneakers to slides, but all have been sold out despite the not so flattering reviews.

The shoes which Kayne wore at Chainz' wedding is also from his Yeezy Season 6 line.

Each shoe sells for a hefty $150, and it makes one wonder if this entire hullabaloo is a neat marketing trick or a viral marketing stunt.

Kim and Kanye were invited to the wedding of 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward last weekend at Miami, and we wish the newlyweds nothing but happiness.

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