Till this week Asia Argento was crowned as one of the most vociferous supporters of #MeToo movement. However, her nemesis came in the form of the New York Times report that Argento has been accused of sexual assault by Jimmy Bennett, a young former co-star.

A vociferous supporter of the #MeToo movement

The Italian actress in May had warned sexual predators and said that we know who they are and they will have to pay for their deeds.

After the NYT scoop, Argento in a statement to journalist Yashar Ali denied that she was ever in a sexual relationship with Bennet.

She was a friend of Bennet and broke off relations after Bennet started asking exorbitant amounts of money to cater to his financial difficulties. She also revealed that Bennet had sued his own family and requested millions in damages.

Leaked photo of Argento with Bennett

Paints Bennet as a gold digger

Argento has painted a picture of her accuser as a gold digger who wants to eke out extra money from her and also talks about how he took legal actions against his own family.

She was probably referring to the lawsuit in which Bennett accused his parents of cheating $1.5 million, keeping his possessions, and barred him from their family home.

However, the case was settled in 2014, years before Bennet accused Argento of sexual misconduct.

Read the full statement of Bennet

According to Newshub, Argento had accused Harvey Weinstein of rape and was one of the pioneering women to come forward on #MeToo movement.

Not to be left out, Weinstein's lawyer, Ben Brafman has called the latest revelations proof of the level of hypocrisy by Asia Argento who sought to destroy the career of his client.

The cause compromised

From Donald Trump to Argento, people have accused the high and mighty, and these people have responded in the best form of defense-Denigrating their accusers.

Smearing the accusers as greedy, gold diggers, irreparable damage is caused to the reputation of the accuser and also set an example for other victims who could be considering coming out in the open against their tormentors.

Everyone must be given a right to respond to accusations, but Argento who is one of the most vociferous supporters of the #MeToo movement must think twice before issuing such statements which is doubly disheartening and looks highly Hippocratic.

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