Sabrina Burkholder of "Breaking Amish" has been through a lot over the years. It turns out that she is now saying that she has been dealing with her demons once again. The reality star shared that she took drugs once again, actually died and was brought back to life. Sabrina says that she is now headed to rehab to get the helps she needs.

Sabrina's death story

According to Sabrina, she decided that she was in a mood and decided to take drugs again. She shared all of the details in a Facebook post. She shared that this happened about two months ago while she was with Jethro and Sean, which are friends of hers.

She shared that Sean got molly and heroine both. Sabrina Burkholder did the molly first and then decided to move on to the heroine. She was given a large amount and wasn't sure if it was too much, but took it anyway. Things got really bad after that according to the reality star.

Sabrina Burkholder shared that she actually died. She remembers what happened to her while she was dead. Sabrina says that Heaven is a real place and she went there. The story was explained by saying, "I saw my biological grandmother and my biological mom. My mom put her arm around me and said: "Why are you here you still have work to do." And I wanted to stay. And she turned around and pointed and said "But his mother died and he has experienced such pain from that.

Do you want him to have to feel the pain of losing you like this yet too?"

They had to use Narcan on her twice. Sabrina shares that this is what saved her life. If they had needed another one, it was not available. They used the two they had and it saved her. She is very lucky to be alive. Somehow, Sabrina was able to keep this out of the news until she was ready to share this story on her own terms.

Now she is getting help for herself. She feels like God saved her and she is now living her life for him. Hopefully, this was the reality check she needed to start getting her life together once again.

How is she now?

Sabrina shared another new post that says she was headed to rehab today. It sounds like she is getting the help that she needs.

She didn't share any details about where she is going or how long she will be there. She simply said, "Trying not to lose my mind on this road trip... I swear to God the dude that is driving me is lucky af that I don't have a chainsaw or a knife... I am so excited to get to rehab. 3 more hours of this bs and then I'm off the map. Adios."

Hopefully, Sabrina Burkholder will actually keep updating her fans on how she is doing. Don't miss new episodes of "Return to Amish" when the show returns with new episodes on TLC.