The latest updates and spoilers for "Arrow" Season 7 reveal new details about Roy Harper's (Arsenal) role in the show. Cast members Stephen Amell and Juliana Harkavy talked about him during their San Diego Comic-Con panel. There is also a new theory that the new "Arrowverse" crossover episodes could lead to the formation of the Justice League on the small screen.

The new season will feature Oliver Queen's time in prison after willingly surrendering himself to the FBI for being the Green Arrow. Team Arrow disbanded and went their own separate ways, but a new wave of vigilantes emerged in Star City bringing their own brand of justice.

Roy Harper returns

According to Heroic Hollywood, Stephen Amell and Juliana Harkavy teased their take on Roy Harper's return to the show during their SDCC 2018 panel. Amell stated that Roy's role will be more interesting and amazing to explore now that he is back in Star City.

“It’s fantastic, man! I love Colton! So having him back is terrific, and — you know — his stuff this season? I could give you an hour to guess, to pontificate as to what he’s going to be doing, and none of you would get it," Amell said during the panel. "It’s amazing.”

Harkavy added that she loves seeing Coltin Haynes performing on set and they feel more complete as a family. Roy has been a big part of the "Arrow" TV series since the first season and became one of Oliver's most trusted allies.

Oliver trained Roy to become a hero and used to defend Star City as Arsenal. He left Team Arrow and Star City to save his mentor from being exposed as Green Arrow. He also made several guest appearances and helped Oliver's sister, Thea, leave the city to hunt down the remaining renegade factions of the League of Assassins.

TV version of Justice League teased

According to Screen Rant, Superman's participation in the next crossover episodes could lead to the formation of the Justice League in the "Arrowverse." "The Flash" star Grant Gustin teased that team-ups with the Man of Steel will be "epic" and that Kal-El will be joined by his love interest, Lois Lane.

The Justice League made their own live-action debut on the big screen last year and several references to the famed superhero team were revealed in most of the "Arrowverse" shows.

The new crossover will introduce Batwoman Kate Kane and she will be portrayed by "John Wick 2" actress, Ruby Rose. The CW Network will also work on a "Batwoman" TV series depending on the success of the crossover.