"Counting On" fans were thrilled when Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's baby Felicity got her first baby album late Wednesday (August 1). Jeremy posted the news to his Instagram account, with a cute picture and a link in his bio. The pictures were all marked with the TLC logo at the bottom. The softly blurred announcement presented an image of Jinger looking down at Felicity, wrapped in a blue and white blanket. Overlaid on the picture, were the words, "Felicity's Photo Album." Jeremy captioned the image of the latest "Counting On" addition with, "We’ve got some family pictures to share!"

Baby Felicity Photo Album contains 10 images posted by Jeremy Vuolo

The first picture on the redirect link shows Felicity lying all wrapped up with her beautiful eyes wide open.

Underneath that one, baby is fast asleep as she's cradled by Jinger. Jinger can't be seen in totality, however, the shot is the same as the one in the next photo, that graced the main Insta post. The next image portrays Jeremy looking good in a maroon shirt and cream trousers, holding their sleeping baby. Jinger is there too, in a cool cotton post-maternity dress, while Felicity looks to be asleep.

The right-hand column's next photograph is too cute. Felicity is lying on her back with a surprised look on her face, on what seems to be a woolen weave orange and white blanket. "Counting On" fan favorite, Jinger, poses next to the cot in one of the photos. Jeremy stands behind her while she holds their baby.

The image really does clearly show how small Felicity is.

More 'Counting On' cuteness

More "Counting On" cuteness just keeps coming in the baby album for Felicity. A shot of the nursery shows a light and airy space. A comfortable nursing chair and a handy table sits in the corner of the white-painted room. Minimalism seems to be the theme, and there's a tasteful picture hanging on the wall above the high-sided cot.

The picture depicts small cactuses and there's a tiny cactus plant on the table. A night light rounds off the image, along with what may be a small teddy bear or stuffed toy on the extreme right.

Jinger Vuolo and Jeremy both feature in the next capture. It looks like the shot was taken in the nursery. Jinger sits in the chair, as Jeremy gazes into her eyes.

"Counting On" fans are familiar with their adoring looks, however, this one includes Felicity and they are both cradling their little girl.

Final Felicity photo showed Jeremy interacting with awake baby Vuolo

The final photo of Felicity shows Jeremy interacting with baby Vuolo. Felicity has no shirt on and is either yawning or smiling. Her mouth is wide open and her big eyes sparkle as she looks up at her daddy. The love for his first child is evident on Jeremy's face.

The link is in Jeremy's Instagram profile, but it leads to the jingerandjeremy.com website if "Counting On" fans have already bookmarked the page.

What do you think of the gorgeous first photo album for Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo's new daughter Felicity? Remember to check back with Blasting News often, for more news about the "Counting On" Reality TV show.