TLC’s “Counting On” episode that aired on August 20 featured Jinger Duggar Vuolo and her husband Jeremy Vuolo celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary. He did it up big when it came to giving her presents. Not only did Jeremy gift his wife a black piano, he doubled-up on the surprise factor by arranging for her family to be in Texas to help mark the couple’s special occasion.

As fans well know, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar's children have played musical instruments since they were young, which Café Mom and Romper noted. Each child started learning to play the piano at approximately age five, according to family matriarch Michelle and TLC.

Jinger was definitely pleasantly surprised and impressed with the first anniversary gift that was revealed to her. Jinger’s eyes were closed until Jeremy said it was time for her to take a look, and there it was.

In the cost analysis that Romper published, a piano like the one Jeremy gave Jinger costs roughly $11,000. The piano is a “Yamaha upright” and it might be second-hand or Jeremy could have worked out an “amazing deal,” according to Romper.

Jinger was thrilled with her anniversary gift, hugging her husband and her piano

The most important thing, regardless of its retail or discount price, was Jinger’s reaction: “I can’t believe I have my own piano,” she said, which People reported. She loved her anniversary present, the first of two gifts he gave her.

She thanked Jeremy and hugged him -- as well as her piano.

The couple’s anniversary episode of “Counting On” was actually broadcast one day after Jinger and Jeremy’s daughter Felicity Nicole turned one-month-old.

The piano was a thoughtful gift for the new mom, who previously played to calm herself before marrying Jeremy in 2016.

The piano appeared to be an ideal present for Jinger. The gift goes to show that Jeremy is also willing to break from tradition – just as the adult Duggar daughters have done via their fashion choices. Paper is a customary first anniversary present.

Jeremy gave Jinger not one but two huge surprises

Jeremy went all-out, however, by giving his wife a second anniversary surprise. He arranged for her mom, dad, and several siblings to arrive in Laredo as an added surprise to go along with the piano reveal.

Jinger’s older brother John David was in Texas to help celebrate. He remarked that his sister didn’t know her family members were “in town” and that she was going to be “super” stoked to see them. Jinger discovered her second gift after Jeremy told her: “I do have one more surprise for you.”

Jinger gave fans a surprise, too, sharing another photo on Instagram of Felicity

In addition to Jeremy surprising his wife, Jinger recently shared another photo on Instagram of baby Felicity on August 19.

Felicity is now one-month-old. She was photographed wearing a pink dress with white stripes and cap sleeves. Baby Felicity can be seen wearing a white hat with a white flower and white mittens/gloves. The photo caption gives a nod to Felicity’s “birthday.”

An Instagram user (going by the handle @ jreeves31063) commented: “She is a beautiful combination of the two of you.” User @cozartlisa69 noted: “She absolutely beautiful. Beautiful parents make beautiful babies.”

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