Jill Duggar’s youngest son, Samuel, experienced a first-time haircut. Mom Jill, dad Derick, and his older brother Israel gathered as little Sam was given a haircut by his mother. She did not go overboard with a full-on cut, but more like a trim. Still, it was an important milestone in the little boy’s life, as Pop Culture duly noted on August 19.

Though Sam appears quite at-ease in two videos posted to the Dillards’ YouTube Channel on August 18, his parents are affected. In Touch Weekly aptly described the videos as “cute,” pointing out that his dad, Derick, offered moral support while documenting the occasion.

‘Mommy’s going to cry,’ Jill said as she cut Sam’s curls

Jill offers words of encouragement, stating, “Sam-Sam” was getting his haircut, adding, “yay!” Dad Derick was in the background. He echoed Jill’s excitement, also saying, “yay!” Jill grew emotional while she trimmed her son’s hair. Cutting Sam’s curls really got to her. She said, “Mommy’s going to cry,” Pop Culture reported.

Worry not since son Israel, 3, offered his mother comfort. He told Jill that he was “sorry Mommy.” He hugged Jill. As everyone would hope, his dad Derick assured Israel that Jill was “okay.”

After Sam’s first haircut, Jill and Derick described the event on their family blog.

They noted that Sam seemed to “enjoy” his haircut, with big brother Israel looking on. In their words, his haircut actually “ended up being a success.”

The Dillards’ YouTube Channel also presents additional milestone moments in the boys’ lives, such as when Sam “took his first steps,” according to Pop Culture.

Fans wish that Jill would return to TLC

Fans have missed seeing Jill and her sons featured in episodes of TLC’s “Counting On.” Jill and Derick have not been on the program after Derick posted disparaging remarks on Twitter in December 2017 about another TLC star. He tweeted homophobic comments directed at Jazz Jennings, who is still a teenage girl.

Social media facilitates Duggar daughter’s ability to update fans

From the time that TLC and the Dillards severed ties, Jill has been using social media to update her fans and followers about events in her family’s life. Though she did not post to any social media platform about Jennings, many followers still strive to hold Jill accountable for her husband’s use of his social media accounts.

While many fans want Jill to resume filming “Counting On” with her sisters, she has been taken to task nearly every time she shares an update about her sons and husband. Jill has taken flack for recently feeding her son, Sam, some cucumber.

Critics take Jill to task for her cooking

After she shared a photo on Instagram on August 15, followers were quick to reminisce about an earlier blog post when Jill relayed ingredients of stew she had prepared.

Her recipe called for canned ingredients, which did not measure up to her critics’ standards for making stew. Several of Jill’s social media followers wish that she would ditch a can opener and give her sons fresh foods instead, according to In Touch Weekly.

Jill has never professed to be a world-class chef. What’s more, her sons do not appear to be starving – for food, attention, or love. The fact that Sam appeared to be okay with his very first haircut also signals that Jill is doing what people wish for every child, needing to feel safe and content.

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