There has always been talk about "The Bachelorette" having someone on the show who is famous. The idea of bringing in a reality star is something that fans love. Now, Kathryn Dennis is admitting that she has talked to the show about being part of it, but then she kind of backtracked making it sound like that isn't the case. Here is what went down on her Twitter.

Kathryn mentions being on the show

A fan went to Kathryn Dennis' Twitter and said, "Would you ever consider being the @BacheloretteABC that would be amazing!!" Instead of just ignoring what they had to say she actually replied to them.

What she had to say, surprised everyone. Kathryn said, "Actually I’m kind of in talks about it ." She later went back and said, "Media.... I just want to make it super clear that I am single and taking apps " Well that was clear as mud.

This really sounds like Kathryn Dennis isn't talking to the show at all, but instead just means she is single and ready to mingle. It would be interesting to see her on the show, but you never know what will happen. Maybe ABC will see this tweet and it will get them to think who should be on the show next. Normally, they just bring in someone from the previous season to hand out the roses.

Becca Kufrin was on the last season of "The Bachelor" and that seems to be how they like to bring in people.

Maybe Kathryn Dennis could show up on "The Bachelor" instead and try to win the heart of one of the lead guys. You just never know if she would be a great match for them and find love that way.

Reality star gets praise

Kathryn Dennis used to get a hard time from everyone, but now she is getting some praise. Lala Kent of "Vanderpump Rules" recently went to her Twitter and had nice things to say about Kathryn.

She seems to have really got her act together and be focusing on her children, which is important. She is actually working now as well.

Lala said, "Watching the #SouthernCharm reunion & @KathrynDennis is mind blowing-ly gorgeous. Get Em’ girl." Kathryn responded to her saying, "As are you my love!" Maybe these two can become close friends and we can have a bit of a crossover happen between them.

The fans would love to see these two shows end up together.

Fans are shocked at the idea of Kathryn Dennis being cast on "The Bachelorette"? Don't miss watching Becca Kufrin next Monday night to see who she picks in the end. She already shared that she is engaged so you don't want to miss the ending and who she picks.