Jessa Duggar Seewald is pretty used to the fans giving her a hard time. In Touch Weekly shared how she recently had a lot to say to followers who gave her a hard time. Jessa shared an adorable picture of her son Spurgeon. Of course, this couldn't be just a cute picture. She was given a hard time about the fact that he isn't potty trained just yet. Spurgeon is only two and a half years old. A lot of kids are not potty trained yet at this age.

Jessa doesn't hold back

Jessa Duggar Seewald had a fan ask her if she thought that her son should be out of diapers by now.

He isn't, but Jessa doesn't seem to see the problem with it at all. She didn't hold back at all replying to them.

Jessa spoke back to the fan and said, "My philosophy is that if they aren't able to do the whole thing from pulling their pants down and getting themselves on the toilet, to pulling their pants back up, and washing their hands, then they aren't ready." That wasn't all she had to say, though. Jessa kept going after that comment.

Seewald went on to explain that her son isn't quite ready and she has been around a lot of kids who were potty training. This is very true seeing how many little brothers and sisters Jessa has and also nieces and nephews. Jessa should understand a lot more about potty training than the average person.

One other thing Jessa had to say was that if the child isn't ready yet, then it feels like the parents are doing a lot of the work. Jessa Duggar Seewald doesn't quite see the point in that and so she isn't pushing it just yet. It sounds like she will start potty training when she is ready, but also when Spurgeon is ready to do it and that just isn't yet.

Time for a new season

It is now time for a new season of "Counting On." It will start airing on July 30, 2018, on TLC. Even though Jessa and Ben don't have any new babies on the way the show will be full of new babies. There will also be a lot of courting, weddings and more. This is a season that you do not want to miss.

There should also be exciting news coming from Jinger Duggar Vuolo any day now.

She is due to have her little girl. The fans can't wait to see her especially since this is the first girl for the family in a really long time.

Are you shocked to hear that Jessa Duggar Seewald felt the need to share her side? Do you think that her son should be potty trained? Sound off in the comments below. Also, make sure you don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when they start airing on July 20, 2018, on TLC.