"The Meg" starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, and others was released in the US, China, and other territories on Friday, August 10, 2018.

“The Meg” is based upon Steve Alten's 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror manages to evict a lukewarm reception from the audience. It is sometimes since a sci-fi horror flick has been released. "The Meg" has been in the making for over 20 years and looking at the timeline it seems the end product is not convincing keeping in mind two decades of its development.

Jason seems a bit out of place

Jason Statham, who has been known for his anti-hero and macho image, looks out of place in this sci-fi horror flick which sounds like a B-Grade reprise of the Jaws franchise.

While it cannot be put in the same grade as Steven Speilberg’s “Jurrasic Park” which was based on a possibility which had a scientific background, still it does talk about a lurking danger spawned by global warming which could throw up such quirks of Mother Nature.

Watch the trailer:

A clone of 'Jaws'

While “The Meg” is not good enough to be graded among the greats, still it does not disappoint, and it is fun to watch depending on your definition of fun. The only trouble with the flick is that it lacks creativity or originality and Jon Turteltaub who has given us better films such as “National Treasure,” “Phenomenon” just plods on as he rehashes the 70’s “Jaws” genre into modern times.

The human aspects

However, one thing for which the flick should be commended is its progressive outlook in specific respect - The dreamy strain between Sunyin and Jonas, and there is no overplay.

The flick takes its time to grieve the demise of its main characters, and it looks genuine. However, when it comes to exploring the scientific knowledge and the ethical quandaries, the flick falls poorly short.

Statham fans will be happy

Statham fans will be satisfied since he doles out precisely what his diehard fans yearn for.

He gives it in droves whether it comes tackling the considerable shark or showing off his bronzed body with a towel covering his bare essentials. His chemistry with his co-star, a delightful Shuya Sophia, is also fresh and exciting.

The final verdict for the flick is that it is watchable, but you will not regret not watching it.

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