"Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers suggest that next week fans won't find Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) experiencing the happiness that usually comes along with being a new bride. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) will continue being distracted by Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood). Next week fans will find Hope in a state of despair. After reading the spoilers this caused concern for some fans on social media today.

Hope Logan suffers in silence

It seems as though some of the "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers jumped the gun this week. They claimed the mom-to-be goes through the ultrasound all by herself.

The latest scoop indicates this is not a solo event for her, according to Soap Hub.

According to the credible sources for "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers, Liam does make that appointment with Hope. While they are there he gets a phone call from Steffy Forrester who needs help with Kelly. It sounds like Liam rushes out the door to Steffy as soon as he gets that call. These spoilers also convey, that this will shake some reality into the newlywed bride.

Is Steffy Forrester pushed in Hope Logan's face?

As the viewers witnessed on Friday's show Liam tainted Hope's romantic chat. The couple was talking about how they look forward to the future of their little family. That's when it happened. Steffy Forrester seeped into the conversation of their private moments during their staycation honeymoon, thanks to the groom.

Liam Spencer and his bride were talking about being better parents than the parents they have. That was when Liam dropped the bomb... he said that Hope and Steffy have already shown they are better parents. He doesn't seem to realize what he is doing by including his ex in this conversation. He continued to talk about Steffy Forrester as if she is part of this marriage.

This is not something a bride and a new mom-to-be wants to hear, suggests TV Overmind. Liam didn't need to include Steffy in this conversation. Hope Logan was gracious as ever and while she didn't say anything, Liam's words didn't seem to escape her. "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers point to Hope Logan being overwhelmed by Steffy around every corner next week and she's finding it hard to cope with.

Worries over Hope Logan emerge among B&B fans

Fans of the show are sharing concerns online over Hope's inability to cope with this new blended family they've formed.

Basically what Liam and his ladies did was take their love triangle and renamed it a "blended family." Some don't see Hope as having a skill set to cope with Liam treating Steffy Forrester like she's another wife.

With the spoilers suggesting more of Liam and Steffy interference on the way, fans expressed their worries about the pregnant Hope.

But Hope has a reason to keep herself together and that would be the child she is carrying. This seems more important to Hope than anything else. She may surprise the fans and cope just fine through Liam's juggling act. It is not as if this is all new to her.

Liam Spencer gives two women equal status?

"Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers hint to fans seeing more of Steffy as she slips into the newlyweds' lives next week.

It also looks like Liam continues to hold Steffy Forrester's needs equally as important as he does his new wife's needs.

As his wife, most people would agree that Hope Logan deserves to come first over any other woman in her husband's life. That is basically a golden rule of marriage.

It's a Liam Spencer problem, not a Steffy Forrester ploy?

It looks as if it is Liam who is running from woman to woman, acting as if he has two wives next week. Not so much as a hint of a Steffy ploy has surfaced in the "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers.

From the descriptions of next weeks events, it sounds as if Steffy is totally unaware of the angst Liam's attentiveness to her is causing Hope.

Brooke Logan's two cents can have devastating results

"Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers also point to Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) attempting to get Hope to open up about what's going on with Liam and Steffy. It seems that Hope will discuss her feelings about this with her mom next week, according to Soap Hub.

This could only get Brooke riled up and ready to do some damage control to save her daughter's marriage. Brooke only knows one way to do damage control and that is to inflict more damage!

This is not the first time and it probably won't be the last that Brooke gives her daughter lovelorn advice.

Brooke once suggested Hope bed down with Liam to take his mind off Steffy. In Brooke's mind, this was a tip for her daughter to gain power over Liam's sights on Steffy. The "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers hint to Brooke amping up with more of her motherly tips for her daughter.

Liam Spencer creates the sadness on B&B

As the "Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers say, "Hope’s Heart Is Broken." It looks as if Liam Spencer is acting like he has two wives next week. For once it appears Hope and Steffy are not purposely undermining each other, Liam is taking care of that with his juggling act.