"The Bold and the Beautiful" has a history of setting no boundaries when it comes to relationships. Dollar Bill Spencer has been married to both Logan sisters. His sons Wyatt and Liam both dated Hope and also married Steffy. Ridge and his father Eric both were married to Brooke and Ridge also dated Katie. And worse of all Dollar Bill had sex with Steffy before both of his sons. For this reason, it's not a stretch to consider that the writers would lead Steffy and her father-in-law to take up where they left off years ago. In the real world, this would be trifling, but it's the B&B way.

Dollar Bill may have a fling with Steffy to punish Liam

A few years back Steffy and Bill Spencer had an affair while he was married to Katie. Dollar Bill broke it off after his wife had a heart attack, and Steffy later tried to drown herself in a bathtub and Liam saved her. Lately, Mr. Spencer and his daughter-in-law have been spending a lot of time together. She has been the one person in his corner and has tried to get Lam to forgive his father. On Wednesday and Thursday's episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful," the looks these two gave each other were long and endearing. Bill even told Steffy how special she was and they embraced.

A genuine chemistry is building between this father and daughter-in-law, but there is also something more.

Dollar Bill is livid at his son for taking over his company and he will not be bested. He is so determined to get even that he may have an affair with his son's wife, just for spite. As Liam becomes drunk with power he and Steffy will continue to grow further apart. Initially, some spoilers said Liam and Sally will grow closer and his wife would turn to his brother.

Wyatt, however, is blissfully happy in his secret rendezvous with Katie.

There should be boundaries even on daytime drama shows

Mystery, intrigue, secrets, affairs, and romance are all elements of real life as well as daytime drama. Having everyone on the show date and marry the same people is a little much. Most viewers who have expressed opinions regarding this aspect of "The Bold and the Beautiful," were outraged that Wyatt was sleeping with Katie.

Should Steffy and Dollar Bill end up in bed together this would really be despicable.

Stay tuned weekday afternoons at 1:30 p.m. for more episodes to find out how this all goes down. Liam and Sally hooking up is inevitable, but Bill and Steffy are just too much. There really need to be some boundaries in place where even a daytime drama will not cross. Many people will be hurt should the storyline go in this direction and Brooke will probably never forgive her husband.