Today’s episode of “Attack On Titandemystified many mysteries of the show. We finally found out how Eren got his Titan powers and the history of the true Royal Reiss family. Previously, it was revealed that in order to get the Titan powers, one has to eat a previous Titan owner. But today’s episode clarified that one can only regain consciousness by eating a Titan owner when in a Titan form that is achieved by injecting oneself with some sort of fluid.

Episode 6, Sin recap

Eren was constrained in an underground chamber made of crystals and when Rod and Historia touched him, he was flooded with flashbacks.

He remembered how his father, Grisha Yeager, injected him with a mysterious substance and turned him into a Titan, but all of this was seen through his father’s eyes who was later devoured by Eren. This could mean that Eren retained some of Graisha’s memories as well.

According to Comicbook, Rod Reiss explained that Grisha fought his daughter, Frieda Reiss, in this same chamber and devoured her. This explains how Eren was able to access Frieda’s memories in the previous episode. Frieda used her Titan powers to erase herself from Historia's memories and taught Historia how to read. Now that Eren has this mind controlling power, we'll see if he can get rid of all the Titans and go outside the walls.

This episode was taken directly from chapter 62 and 63 of the manga.

What to expect in the next week’s episode

Note: There will be some manga spoilers in the rest of the article, so please do not read if you don’t want to know them.

The next episode of “Attack on Titan” is going to be full of action when Levi’s squad enters the underground chamber.

The First Interior squad is ready for an ambush, but the ingenious duo, Hange and Armin, already have a plan for that. We’ll also get to know how the Royal Reiss family has been passing on the Titan power from one generation to the next and the origins of the three concentric walls.

At this point, fans are probably questioning why the royal family was not using their Titan powers, such as, the Scream ability that can control Titans on command, in order to get out of the wall and seek the rest of the world.

They may want to know why Eren’s father crushed all of the Reiss family, but all of this is going to be revealed later in the anime series. The next episode will be based on chapter 64, 65, and 66 of the manga. The next episode, titled as "Wish," is set to air on September 8. You can watch it on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.