Victor has been on a downward spiral on "The Young and the Restless" for the past few months and there is no sign things will turn around anytime soon. J.T. knocked him down the stairs and caused him to be hospitalized -- and he almost lost his life. Now Mr. Hellstrom or someone impersonating him has leaked to the press that Victor is not in good health. This news caused investors to pull out of Newman Enterprises and led Ashley to abandon ship and go back to Jabot. On Tuesday, the court awarded Nicholas full custody of Christian, which Victor never believed would happen.

This was a crushing blow and could be a tough setback for Victor.

Victor usually has the upper hand, but not now

Victor Newman is usually the one that dishes out punishment on others, but this time he may be on the receiving end. He recently exposed the fact that Nick was not Christian's biological father, went to court, and was awarded temporary custody of his grandson. Victor dishes out pain and vengeance to his loved ones as well as his enemies, but he is showing signs that he is not able to take it when it comes his way.

Longtime "Y&R" fans know that Victor has always triumphed over his foes, and bounced back from adversity. Christian being returned to Nick's house may be just the blow to bring down the Newman patriarch.

He was so smug and confident, believing that everything was going his way. Ashley walking away from the company during a time of confusion certainly was not on his radar. He was also rattled by his medical records being leaked to the press.

Tense times coming for Victor on 'Y&R'

Neil's godson Dr. Nate Hastings Jr. recently arrived in Genoa City and has been secretly seeing Victor.

Spoilers have yet to reveal the nature of his illness and whether or not it is serious. Hilary has been grilling the doctor, trying to find out why he returned to town, but to no avail. It is unlikely that Mr. Newman will be written out of the show, but "Y&R" fans will have to stay tuned to see which way this storyline is headed.

The Newman patriarch has always kept an ace up his sleeve regarding his family and his enemies. Hiding the secret of Christian's paternity until it suited him was a big reveal. Now, however, the tables have turned and he was beaten by his son Nick. He is also not sure how to handle all the other trials coming his way. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to find out if Victor bounces back (or not).