Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say Kyle will be facing big trouble this week when he is caught in the act of robbing a grave. Young Mr. Abbott decided to take matters into hsi own hands after Jack dropped the lawsuit to have Phillip Chancellor's body exhumed. On Friday Kyle snuck away from Billy's birthday party, went to the Chancellor estate and began digging in Phillip's grave. Soap Hub indicates that on Monday Esther is going to hear the noise and call the police. Kyle will be arrested and Jack and Summer will come to his rescue.

The authorities will not frisk him, s they will have no idea that he has in his possession a little souvenir from the grave.

Kyle's attempts seem foiled by Esther

On Friday's "Y&R" episode Kyle could be seen digging in the dark when his shovel hit something solid. At that moment there were flashing lights, from a police cruiser, in the background. Soap Hub reported that Kyle will be apprehended and taken to the GCPD. The spoiler indicates that his father and former girlfriend will show up to bail him out and concoct a cover story in order to save him. This would indicate that Kyle probably called Summer who, in turn, got Jack to help.

Soap Hub also reported that Kyle will bend over backward trying to make amends to Esther, but she already knows his father wants Phillip's DNA.

The faithful housekeeper may become so exasperated with the Abbotts that she summons Jill back to town because Jess Walton is supposed to return to Genoa City on Friday. In the midst of the drama, no one realizes that Kyle's grave robbing indeed was successful.

Kyle helps Jack get answers

Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry tease that, initially, Jack will be furious with his son, but that attitude will soften when he finds out a secret that no one knows.

Kyle broke off a bone fragment, from Phillip's remains, that has gone undetected. He will present it to his father as a way of making amends for aligning himself with Victor when he first returned to town. Although this evidence will not be admissible in court, Jack can have it tested and compare it against his own DNA.

With Jill returning to Genoa City on Friday, it's almost certain that this storyline is about to have much-needed closure.

Once the DNA results are in, Jack will proceed in one of two ways. If it is a match he will seek to declare himself and his son as Chancellor's and fight for their rightful inheritance. If the genetic testing concludes he is not Phillip's son, then the saga of finding his biological father will continue. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers related to this exciting plot and continue watching "Y&R* weekday afternoons on CB at 12:30 PM EST.