The “America's Got Talent” auditions are coming down to the wire, with Judge Cuts starting next week. For many of the acts who were beaming with pride after affirmative nods from the judges, hopes may be dashed before a second performance is granted. Week 6 of auditions for Season 13 on July 10 had a reign of X’s at the midpoint, but also had a flurry of charming moments that only “America's Got Talent” can create. Simon Cowell had a particular kind streak, and finally got the kind of canine act that he has dreamed of throughout his whole career.

Heidi Klum finally saw a performer worthy of her golden buzzer, and in “America's Got Talent” style, the shower of gold confetti came in the final moments of the night.

Surprise from the start

For any fans out there wondering if a creative Rube Goldberg machine would make it into contention on this season of “America's Got Talent,” Hamster Wheel made their night with a full mockup of the famous competition, complete with the theme song, golden confetti, and paddles popping up for each of the judges. One particular action that depended on knocking down a champagne flute went for suspense, and Simon Cowell said that he was on the edge of his seat waiting for it to happen, which it did. Heidi Klum had great fun with his reaction but did not find the exhibition thrilling enough.

Three yes votes mean that Hamster Wheel will get another chance to win Heidi over in the next round.

13-year-old Matt Johnson from New Hampshire surprised Simon Cowell and all his fellow judges, coming out in his suit and swinging into his original rap “Patches,” in salute to his musical stage name. The message in his rhyme was purely uplifting, and the panel was absolutely taken.

Patches earned four yes votes and Simon Cowell remarked that the young man was “hilarious." The 160-strong Angel City Chorale also got Simon Cowell’s approval. He commented that a good choir “allows the music to wash over you,” and the group’s rendition of Toto’s “Africa,” complete with hand-created sounds of falling rain and storms, captivated everyone in attendance.

Angel Garcia is another young man who certainly surprised the judges, in good and bad ways. Far from singing any bouncy teenybopper ditty, the young man came on with full Latin charm, enough to be competitive with Marc Anthony. Inspired by his father's constant support, the younger Garcia sang Marc Anthony's hit, “El Triste,” with skill and emotion far beyond his years. Howie Mandel was put off by the “mature” song, but the other judges were fine with letting Angel show more of his stuff in the coming weeks. Simon Cowell understood Howie’s point but contended that choosing another song “is simple,” while talent is rare.

A singing dog and a decisive finish

Simon Cowell had to be in dire need of something to be happy about after the shower of acts that seemed unworthy of even a glance from the panel before Oscar the dog and his owner (and piano accompanist), Pam, came to the stage.

The golden retriever didn’t show any sign of nerves, even lying down during Pam's explanation of his love for singing, and insistence that it truly was singing. Pam’s playing left much to be desired, but Oscar was determined to sing in tune and found his pitch. Heidi Klum was underwhelmed once again, but Simon Cowell came to his feet in a standing ovation, saying: “I think he sings!” Three yes votes mean that Oscar and Pam have a little time to practice before wowing Cowell again.

Simon Cowell was also particularly perceptive and kind when Hunter Price came to the stage. The Georgia singer who had been encouraged to sing karaoke as a teen started with a karaoke-like cover of Bryan Adams’ “Everything I Do,” in tribute to his mom.

It was just too karaoke for Simon Cowell, who stopped him, and asked if he had another song. Price responded that he had his own original song, “Left Behind,” and the instant he began to play, something so much more authentic was heard. Simon probed the singer, asking about hard times in his life, trying to get him to be more open and honest. Price described times of not having money for food. Simon still wanted something more, and more authentic, but he offered his vote to pull Hunter to the next round, noting that there was “some depth” to his songwriting. Heidi and Mel B voted yes, also. Howie Mandel wasn't sure that Hunter was ready (or able) to be open enough to be himself.

It was a good night for dancers, danger acts, and comedy, too.

Off-beat comedian Oliver Graves may have hit two of those categories with his current material and manner that was something like a goth Steven Wright. He couldn't hold back the tears when he sensed the panel and audience response. No matter how far he goes in this competition, Howie Mandel reminded him that he is about to be “a very busy man.”

So far, this season of “America's Got Talent” had not produced an act worthy of winning Heidi Klum’s golden buzzer. In the past, Heidi has had a penchant for the dangerous and daredevil sort of acts, and she absolutely adored the performer known as The Regurgitator from 2015, who could swallow thumbtacks, safety pins, and other hardware, and bring them back up again, none the worse for wear.

This week, however, it was singer Makayla Phillips (the final performer of the night) who stole Klum's heart. The poise and polish of her performance of Demi Lovato's “Warrior" won Heidi over enough to hit her golden buzzer. Klum raced to the stage for hugs and held Makayla’s hand up, proclaiming her a “winner.”

Many more weeks of competition and painful cuts remain before that determination can be made by the voting public, but this week of auditions definitely held moments that had never been seen before on “America's Got Talent,” so anything can happen.