Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that this week will be one of can't-miss episodes. The drama will continue for Victor but it will not come from J.T. or whoever is impersonating him. Two people that he trusts, Neil and Ashley, will join forces and betray him. Soap Hub says Ms. Abbott will approach her former lover with a business deal that he simply cannot refuse. They will reach out to one of the companies that have abandoned Newman Enterprises and forge a new partnership. When the dust settles Victor will seek revenge on his ex-wife and the man he considered a good friend.

Both of them should know by now that their arms are too short to box with the mustache.

Neil and Ashley do the unthinkable

Ashley had been a valued Newman employee until Friday when she abruptly quit her job. She told her family that she was tired of not being valued and always being kept out of the loop on what was going on. She requested to return to Jabot and reluctantly, Billy decided to bring her back onboard. Neil's Hamilton/Winters Corporation had been doing PR work for Victor, and Neil recently had his godson Nate return to Genoa City to secretly treat Victor for an undisclosed health issue.

There has been no bad blood between Victor and Neil which makes the betrayal seem to come out of nowhere.

Soap Hub indicates that it will be Ashley who initiates the business deal with her former lover. And Neil will be so appreciative that he will take her on a date. Spoilers indicate, however, that Neil may soon be in over his head and Victor will go after him with guns a-blazing.

Romance may bloom again for Ashley and Neil

Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a slightly different scenario regarding Ashley and Neil's business venture.

This spoiler says that Neil will be busy putting out Newman fires and that one investor who pulled out will cause alarm. Ashley is going to share inside information which will help her ex to smooth things over. CDL does not mention Victor being betrayed so viewers will have to stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" in order to find out which spoiler is correct.

CDL spoilers do suggest that romance may bloom again for Ashey and Neil, but it will be short-lived as Eileen Davidson will be leaving her "Y&R" role in a few months. Be on the lookout for additional spoiler alerts as they become available and make sure you tune in to each can't-miss episode this week. Longtime viewers know that Victor Newman always comes out on top and gets revenge.