Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo had some late-stage maternity photos taken. The 'Counting On' couple shared beautiful maternity photos on each of their Instagram accounts. People described them as "stunning" because they simply are. Jinger and Jeremy announced her pregnancy in January. Subsequently, they notified their fans that they are expecting a baby girl. Jinger Duggar regularly updates her fans and their excitement is obvious.

Jinger Duggar looks surreal in Jeremy's post

Jeremy previously posted up some photos on Instagram of Jinger and himself when they were babies.

Although he looked cute, he hoped their daughter looks like her mum. He described himself as just "goofy." Looking at the new photos of Jinger in the last stages of pregnancy is beautifully surreal, so his wish is understandable.

The latest photos are in shades of grey, back, and white. Consequently, there is an air of softness about Jinger. In Jeremy's post, she stood against a backdrop of a sunshade which threw her into silhouette. Jinger was tenderly caressing her large baby belly.

The photo of Jinger was in shades of gray

The photo showed Jinger dressed in what looks like a skirt, or pants with a V-necked sweater or jacket. Her hair was swept back and she was looking at her belly. She was remarkably beautiful and the whole image told a serene story.

In Touch Weekly notified that Jeremy captioned the photo as simply,"Blessed." It certainly looks like the young couple is indeed, "Blessed."

Jinger's photo showed Jeremy cradling her belly affectionately. They stood out on a balcony with the backdrop of the blurry city behind them. The soft background highlighted the couple in darker shades.

It was a tender moment because Jeremy kissed Jinger on her forehead. Both of them looked great in what seemed to be light cotton clothing.

The 'Counting On' couple expect their baby to come in a few weeks

Jeremy and Jingar expect their little girl to come along very soon. Potentially, we could hear of the baby's arrival in a few weeks.

With this in mind, on a recent trip to Los Angeles, they had the late-maternity photos taken. People noted that the TLC stars had to wait for the photos to arrive. Subsequently, they were thrilled to see them, as are their devoted fans.

Kudos must go to Jinger's friend Madisen Mahoney. Jinger Duggar commented in her caption that the photos were because Mahoney is a great photographer. “Since I was in my 34th week of pregnancy and Madisen is a wonderfully skilled photographer, we thought it made sense to head to downtown LA and take a few pictures!”

TLC 's "Counting On" returns to our screens at the end of July at 9 PM. No doubt fans will get to see lot more of Jeremy and Jinger Duggar as they journey through this exciting stage of their lives.