Jennifer Lopez, 48, and Alex Rodriguez, 42, have been plagued by different controversies since they started dating in February 2017. The former New York Yankees baseball player is also facing a lawsuit filed by his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, to whom he was married for six years. Now, a recent report from NY Daily News suggests that new court documents, which stemmed from Cynthia's brother, Constantine, show that A-Rod’s ex-wife made defaming comments about J.Lo.

Cynthia Scurtis doesn't like Jennifer Lopez

According to NY Daily News, Scurtis humiliated Jennifer Lopez after Rodriguez allegedly threatened to cut child support for their two daughters: Natasha, 13, and Ella, 10.

Atty. Joel Denaro, the lawyer of Cynthia’s brother Constantine, reportedly said that the baseball player’s lawyer, Alan Kruger, had “possession of communications” in which A-Rod’s ex-wife purportedly made “disparaging remarks” about the “Let’s Get Loud” singer.

“The exact phrases used by Kluger are too egregious to include in this motion,” reads the document.

It may be recalled when Cynthia’s father said that his daughter told him that Rodriguez’s lawyer sent a letter to Cynthia's attorney to inform them that he has plans to cut child support payments. He went on to say that A-Rod was no longer making the amount of money he once made. In April, the former baseball player denied this and said that he had never failed to pay child support for his daughters.

Is Rodriguez's ex-wife jealous of Jennifer Lopez?

IIn the wake of Cynthia’s alleged offensive comments about Jennifer Lopez, many people were wondering whether she was only furious over the recent rumors that Rodriguez might already be engaged to J.Lo. It sparked engagement rumors when the singer shared a photo, on Instagram, of her and A-Rod on the beach.

What piqued fans interest was the ring on her finger, and people were quick to speculate that it was an engagement ring. Others were even convinced that the couple was already married.

Is it possible that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are already married?

Given the fact that the couple is happily in love, it’s not impossible that they have tied the knot if people were to base it on the ring that Jennifer Lopez wore on 4th of July.

However, J.Lo is famous for her collection of jewelry, and that ring could be one of them. The singer is famous for her jewelry collection, and her “Dinero” music video proved it as she paraded her $4.5 million worth of diamonds.

Nonetheless, fans were glad that Jennifer Lopez might possibly settle down with Rodriguez after her marriage to Marc Anthony ended in June 2014.