CBS Soaps in Depth has announced that a former resident of Genoa City will soon return to town. Brooks Darnell will join the cast of "The Young and the Restless" as Dr. Nate Hastings, who was last seen in 2011. The Doc will be treating Victor Newman, the most powerful man in town, for an undisclosed illness. Victor is important for the upcoming week of the show. Victor has not been quite himself since J.T. knocked him down a flight of stairs. and on Thursday (June 28) he seemed disoriented during an interview with Hilary. When the family asked about his health, the Newman patriarch insisted that all is well.

Now that his physician is in the picture, perhaps the secret will come to light.

Brooks Darnell appears on July 3

Soaps in Depth quoted Entertainment Weekly, which stated that Brooks Darnell will debut on "The Young and the Restless" on July 3. For those who don't recall this character, he is the son of Nate and Olivia Hastings. Olivia's late sister Drucilla was married to Neil and also was Lilly's biological mother. It has not yet been disclosed what type of medical issue Dr. Nate will be treating Victor for, but it must be pretty serious if the mustache is doing his best to keep it quiet.

This past week on "Y&R," someone leaked Victor's medical records to the public and rumors began to fly that Mr.

Newman is dealing with a pretty serious illness. This leak caused panic and several of his investors walked away from Newman Enterprises. Now that Dr. Hastings is coming on board, it is almost certain that the nature of the illness will eventually be revealed.

Dr. Nate's hands will be full dealing with Victor

Soaps in Depth did not indicate whether Victor's secret condition is major or minor, temporary or terminal.

Viewers don't know if their favorite bad guy is dealing with an issue that is mental, physical, or both. Dr. Hastings could be a general practitioner, psychiatrist, or a medical specialist. Whatever is going on, it will surely be aggravated by the current situation Mr. Newman is dealing with.

On Friday (June 29), security camera footage revealed that the person who is targeting the Newman patriarch is J.T.

Helstrom or someone impersonating him. Soaps She Knows suggests that J.T. is really dead and that Kyle is seeking revenge by gaslighting his father's sworn enemy. Whoever is behind the attack, has hit hard where it hurts most, by costing Newman Enterprises big bucks, and suggesting that Victor is not healthy enough to remain at the helm of his company. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1:30 PM ET, and find out how Brooks Darnell will fit in with the Genoa City residents.