The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" reveal the new X-Men costumes and 20th Century Fox clarified the release date status of the film. The YouTube username Cinepolis posted a video of the sequel's merchandise displaying the mutant team's outfit designs based on a popular comic book run.

The film's story will be based on the "Dark Phoenix" arc as Jean Grey will discover the dark side of her mutant abilities that will endanger everyone she loves and possibly the entire world. Professor Charles Xavier and his team will have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save Jean and the rest of humanity from total annihilation.

New X-Men uniforms for 'Dark Phoenix'

According to Screen Rant, Cinepolis's video for "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" revealed the merchandise figurines of Jean Grey, Cyclops, and Beast wearing their new uniforms, confirming that Fox will use Grant Morrison's 2001 artwork for the movie. The costumes were previously teased in a leaked-behind-scenes photo for the movie.

The merchandise video also featured a new design for the team's main transportation, The Blackbird. The sequel is set ten years after the events of "X-Men: Apocalypse" as the mutant team members are now recognized as national heroes after they saved the world from En Sabah Nur. Professor X begins to accept more dangerous assignments for the team in order to live up to their status.

They will take off into space for a rescue mission, but it goes terribly wrong when a solar flare hits them and triggers Jean Grey's hidden power.

Jean will have a hard time controlling her new found ability and succumbs to it when she accidentally kills a fellow X-Man. The team must make the tough choice to save their fallen friend or to save the whole world from her.

Cast member James McAvoy told Entertainment Weekly in a previous interview, that the sequel will be the most emotionally-driven movie in the whole franchise as the characters are forced to face their personal demons and shortcomings.

Release date status

Speculations about "X-Men: Dark Phoenix's" release date change have spread throughout the internet after netizens discovered that sequel's date has been removed from 20th Century Fox's website.

However, an updated report from ComicBookMovie revealed that Fox did not pull out the sequel's release date and they will update the website after launching the first teaser trailer.

Fox will reveal more details about the new X-Men movie at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event.