The latest updates and spoilers for "X-Men: dark phoenix" reveal the official plot details and jessica chastain's character in the film. Sophie Turner's character, Jean Grey, is on the cover of the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine teasing her transformation and rise to power as the benevolent Phoenix Force.

There is also the possibility that one major character will die at the hands of the Phoenix in the movie and his/her death may spell the end of the mutant superhero team.

Plot synopsis

According to Entertainment Weekly, the events of "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" will take place in 1992, ten years after the X-Men defeated Apocalypse and save the world.

The film's director Simon Kinsberg stated Professor Charles Xavier and his team have become national heroes, and they are taking on more dangerous and even reckless missions in order to win the public over.

The X-Men will take on a rescue mission into outer space, but disaster strikes when the X-Jet was caught by a solar flare that triggered Jean Grey's transformation into the Phoenix. Cast member James McAvoy told EW that "Dark Phoenix" will be the most emotionally driven film in the franchise as the characters are forced to face their personal demons and shortcomings along the way.

Sophie Turner added that the film will also center on Charles and Jean's relationship, as the latter tries to save his student from being overwhelmed by the Phoenix Force's power.

"It's about the butterfly effect of this thing happening," Turner said. "What happens when the person you love the most falls into darkness?"

The movie will also feature a major character's death at the hands of Jean's power, thus pushing her further into madness. The Hashtag Show speculated that this character could be Charles, Mystique, Beast, or Magneto.

Fox's idea for Jean in the movie is to push her completely over the edge to let out the dangerous power inside and be free.

The sequel also teased that Magneto leads a new group of mutants that worship him as a messiah and Michael Fassbender requested that his costume will have some cult-like features to embody the role.

Jessica Chastain's character revealed

Entertainment Weekly revealed that Jessica Chastain's character will be an otherworldly shapeshifter who has a special connection with the Phoenix Force. Comic book fans once believed that her character could be Shi'ar empress Lilandra due to the outer space plot of the film.

While the name of Chastain's character has not been revealed, fans are hoping that she could be the main villain of the film and her presence will influence Jean to unleash her true potential in a dangerous situation.

The sequel will premiere on Nov. 2, 2018.