The latest details and spoilers for the live-action "Aquaman" movie reveal rumored details of the film's post-credits scene. Discussing Film claim that the scene will focus on the second antagonist, Black Manta played by Yahya Abdul Mateen II.

Mateen also announced that Aqualad will not feature in the movie. The film will take place after the events of "Justice League" as Arthur Curry has been summoned back to Atlantis to stop his haft-brother Orm (Ocean Master) from instigating a war against the surface world. Arthur must also confront his past and accept his rightful place as King of Atlantis.

Post-credits scene details revealed

According to Discussing Film, the post-credits scene for "Aquaman" reveals that Black Manta will meet Dr. Stephen Shin. He goads Black Manta into forming an alliance against Arthur Curry, setting events in motion for a possible sequel. Warner Bros. Pictures first showed the film's official trailer at San Diego Comic-Con and video showcased Arthur's childhood, parentage, and his destiny as ruler of Atlantis.

In the DC comics, Stephen Shin is a marine biologist and a family friend of Tom Curry, Arthur's father. He helped Arthur discover the source of his powers and is obsessed with finding the sunken kingdom of Atlantis.

Shin eventually betrays Arthur for not telling him about the location of Atlantis and since then both men had a bitter and complicated relationship.

The post-credits scene will also elevate Black Manta's status as an even bigger threat to Arthur in the future sequels. Manta's motivation will come from his father's death and he will not stop hunting him to satisfy his revenge. He will join Ocean Master to stop Arthur and Mera from finding the legendary Trident of Poseidon.

The trident can be wielded by a descendant of King Atlan and it gives them the power to command the creatures of seas.

No Aqualad cameo in 'Aqualad' movie

According to Comic, cast member Yahya Abdul Mateen II confirmed on Twitter that Aqualad will not appear in the live-action "Aquaman" film.

Two DC characters have used the name Aqualad: Garth and Kaldur'ahm.

Garth was Arthur's first sidekick and a founding member of the Teen Titans. He changed his name to Tempest and had solo adventures in the comics.

Kaldur'ahm made his debut in the "Young Justice" animated TV series and he is the main leader of the team. He is also the biological son of Black Manta, making him haft-human just like Arthur.

Both characters reside in Atlantis and have studied Atlantean magic. However, comic book fans were hoping that Kaldur'ahm would appear in the movie due to his status as a fan-favorite in the animated show.