The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 5 reveal Nora Allen's superhero costume and the first villain Team Flash will face in its premiere. Twitter username Suffering Sappho posted several behind-the-scenes photos of DC TV series.

Cast member Danielle Panabaker announced that she will be making her directorial debut. The fifth season will focus on Team Flash helping Nora Allen fix a "mistake" she made during her time travel visits. Her mistake will cause a series of events that will threaten her parents' lives and the citizens of Central City in both present and future timelines.

BTS photos of 'The Flash' Season 5

According to We Got This Covered, Nora Allen's speedster costume is similar to her mother, Iris. It features a purple and white color scheme on both her jacket and rubber pants. It is made from the same polymorphic material for heat resistance whenever she runs at super speed. Her insignia is similar to Barry Allen's granddaughter XS in the comics.

The Twitter user also posted photos of Grant Gustin suiting up in his season 1 Flash costume and he is fighting a masked person, who could possibly the show's first villain in its premiere episode.

Nora Allen will seek help from her parents and S.T.A.R. Labs team to fix something that she did in the present and The Hashtag Show speculated that it has something to do with the new main villain of season 5.

Team Flash will face a man named Desmond Paull, who has the ability to disable a metahuman's powers. Desmond has a grudge against metas for what has happened to his life.

THS also theorized that Desmond is the show's version of Cicada and he will have cult-like followers joining his quest to purge every metahuman in Central City including Team Flash.

Danielle Panabaker to direct an episode

Regular cast member Danielle Panabaker will be directing an episode in the fifth season of "The Flash" TV series as she told Entertainment Tonight she is honored that The CW Network and the producers trusted her with the project.

"I am so humbled by this opportunity to utilize everything that I have learned as a storyteller to bring an episode of The Flash to life," Panabaker told ET. "I couldn’t be more thrilled to have the chance to work alongside our extremely talented (and vast) team that works so hard to make each and every episode of the show."

Panabaker is the second cast member to handed a directorial role in the show, joining fellow cast member Tom Cavanaugh. She will reprise her roles as Dr. Caithlin Snow and her frosty alter-ego, Killer Frost.