Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that this week will be a tense one for the Logan, Forrester, and Spencer families. Lines have been drawn, with everyone taking sides regarding the decision that Liam needs to make about his two baby mamas. Celeb Dirty Laundry says the women will prepare for a fight to the finish, with each one believing she will be the one that is chosen. Soaps She Knows indicates that Wyatt, Brooke, Bill, and Ridge will all weigh in on the situation.

Steffy and Hope have different approaches

Spoilers say that Hope will be empowered by the fact that Liam is happy about her pregnancy.

She has told him that she loves him, but will not pressure him because she understands that he is in a difficult situation. Soaps She Knows indicates that this week, Steffy will have a more aggressive approach, telling her baby daddy that she refuses to be in the type of love triangle that her mother was in for years, as Ridge went back and forth between her and Brooke.

On Friday (July 6), Steffy boldly said that she and Liam will help Hope and her baby, as a united married couple. This indicates that she is not even considering the possibility that she may lose the man she loves. Steffy also is not acknowledging the fact that she has several strikes against her that her rival does not. While Ridge, naturally, is in his daughter's corner, Brooke has been encouraging Hope to push for a future with Liam.

There is also Dollar Bill waiting for an opportunity to convince Steffy that she belongs to him.

Battle lines have been drawn

CDL indicates that the battle will intensify this week and neither Steffy nor Hope is going to back down. Their families are already choosing sides and it may even break up a marriage. Last week, Ridge told his wife that he believes Liam will remain loyal to his daughter and little Kelly, while Brooke insists her child and her unborn grandbaby deserve a shot at happiness as a family unit with Liam.

One thing is certain, and that is, young Mr. Spencer indeed must choose one woman over the other.

Soaps She Knows says, that this week, Wyatt will break the news to Dollar Bill that Hope is expecting, and will tell his brother that he needs to make a choice and make it soon. Spoilers say the claws will come out as Steffy and her rival fight to the finish for their man.

The ultimate goal of each woman is to be chosen to become Mrs. Liam Spencer. Be on the lookout for spoilers as they update and stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons at 1:30 PM ET on CBS.