Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that life is about to become pretty complicated for Hope. She has been showing herself to be a harsh taskmaster at Forrester Creations and is gaining enemies among her employees. She is also being stalked by a cyberbully, who has left her numerous hateful online messages. On Friday (June 29), in the midst of the chaos, Hope took a pregnancy test. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that this week, Ms. Logan will confirm to Liam that he is her baby daddy. She will also share that someone is sending her threatening online messages.

Spoilers indicate that Liam will team up with Thorne to find the IP address and they might be surprised at where this leads.

Hope is making enemies

Last week, on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Maya fired Emma for not revealing she is Justin Barber's niece, and for snapping photos of the Hope for the Future fashion line. Ms. Logan scolded her brother's wife in front of other employees and Maya was embarrassed. Hope then read the riot act to Emma and said she was being watched carefully. Justin does not like the way Hope is harassing his niece and Soaps She Knows spoilers say that he is going to ask Ms. Logan to stop interfering in her life. Xander is troubled that Emma is taking so much heat and continues to defend her.

Pam is angry that Brooke's daughter is working with Liam and actually told her to stay away from him. Naturally, Steffy is concerned about feelings resurfacing between Hope and Liam and is keeping her eye on the situation. Ms. Logan has made no secret of the fact that she does not want to work with Sally Spectra and even told her that she would never be a designer at Forrester.

Thorne and Liam will find the culprit

On Friday, right after Ms. Logan received one of the threatening messages, viewers could see a skull and crossbones. When the scene shifted, it went to Ms. Spectra, who had the same image on her cell phone. Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Liam and Thorne will eventually follow the cyber trail to the stalker, and on Monday (July 2) they were already trying to find the IP address.

Simultaneously, Hope was confirming her pregnancy and Brooke insisted that she tell her baby daddy immediately. Soaps She Knows says Hope will indeed tell Liam the truth this week, so he will probably be even more determined to find out who has it in for her. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts and continue to watch "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM ET on CBS.