On Wednesday's episode (July 4) of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Hope told Liam she is pregnant with his child. He was shocked but also supportive, and embraced his newest baby mama with open arms. Celeb Dirty Laundry says that by the end of the week, Liam will confide in his brother Wyatt and that they will discuss the situation at hand. Soaps She Knows indicates that Brooke will tell her daughter to fight for the man she loves. Ultimately, only one woman and her child will get the bulk of attention from the baby daddy, and things are looking as if they are going in a direction where it will not be Steffy.

Brooke weighs in on Liam, Steffy, and Hope

Liam and Hope have great chemistry as a couple. He always seems so relaxed and free around her but the relationship with Steffy is more complicated. On Tuesday (July 3), Brooke told her daughter that she does not believe Liam can ever get over the betrayal committed by his wife and father. She thinks that Steffy postponing the wedding, and her daughter's pregnancy, are signs that "LOPE" (Liam and Hope) are destined to be together.

Now that Hope is carrying his child, spoilers say Brooke will be that meddling mother from hell. She has always said that Steffy and Bill destroyed her daughter's future with Liam, and now Brooke will do everything she can to secure it.

She will feel empowered by her new grandchild that is on the way and even risk her marriage to Ridge while trying to get his daughter out of the picture.

Wyatt lends a listening ear to Liam

Spoiler alerts tease that Liam will lean on his sibling and Wyatt will give a listening ear. Even so, Liam alone must break the news to Steffy that Hope is going to present him with another child.

This will be a devastating blow, as Steffy was beginning to think that her life was falling into place. She has no idea of the mounting opposition that is trying to tear her life apart. Spoilers don't say how Waytt will counsel his brother, but other factors already in place may make the decision for him.

Once Dollar Bill finds out that Hope is expecting a baby, he will probably reiterate that Steffy belongs with him and "Lope" should be together.

Steffy fell into his arms once, simply because Liam kissed Sally, so imagine how vulnerable she will be when she hears the news that Hope is pregnant with Liam's child. With Bill and Brooke pushing their personal agendas, any council that Wyatt gives his brother will probably not matter. Both Soaps She Knows and Celeb Dirty Laundry promise "B&B" updates as they become available so stay tuned.