Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" tease that Liam will be conflicted this week about how he should handle his current situation. The love triangle involving Steffy and Hope just became more complicated, now that Ms. Logan has announced she is pregnant with his child. Liam will seek the advice of his brother, who will insist he make a quick decision. It will be his father, however, who will have the most input about which woman gets her heart's desire. Dollar Bill will manipulate circumstances so that his son chooses Hope.

Wyatt gives Liam sound wisdom

Liam and Wyatt have had a complicated relationship with both men having had relationships. Wyatt is in a good place with Sally Spectra, so he can give his brother sound wisdom. Soap Hub indicates that he will advise his sibling to make a quick decision as to which woman he wants to be his wife.

"B&B" spoilers state that Bill will find out that Steffy is carrying his son's child and immediately reach out to Steffy. Her vulnerability upon learning that Liam kissed Sally is what led her to her father-in-law's arms the first time. Now that she knows Hope is pregnant, this will really cause her to let her guard down. Bill may be subtle, at first, but he will not be able to resist emphasizing that he believes the two of them are destined to be together.

Bill interfere's in the love triangle

Dollar Bill has all but disowned Wyatt after Wyatt stopped Liam and Hope's wedding, interfering with his dad's plan to marry Steffy. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry state, that this week, Bill Spencer will attempt to make amends with his son. During a drama free moment, Wyatt will tell his father that Hope is expecting his brother's child.

CDL indicates that Bill will most certainly interfere with the love triangle in order to have Steffy for himself.

Steffy will be desperate to hang on to Liam and prove to herself that he loves her more than Hope. Bill will initially be subtle in his attempts to prove that she belongs with him, but in time, his true colors will show.

Liam will be torn and not sure which woman to make his wife and Hope will surprise everyone. Spoilers state that she will be assertive and not back down from wanting her man. If, as earlier spoiler alerts suggest, Dollar Bill is Kelly's father, then it's almost certain Liam will choose Hope. Be on the lookout for additional "B&B" spoilers as they come in. And stay tuned to new episodes of the show.