Their four months in Lithuania came to an end, as LaVar, Gelo, and Melo are back in their hometown of Chino Hills, California, where they live in the so-called "Ball estate." Everyone is excited for the family to be back together all under one roof and the Ball brothers all decided to get a haircut.

Home sweet home

After pulling LaMelo and LiAngelo out of school, LaVar decided to send his boys to Lithuania to play professional Basketball. They signed a four-month contract and their four months came to end. LaVar said that the best thing about trips is coming home and Gelo said that he's excited to be home as he was tired of Lithuania.

Meanwhile, Melo was asked by the crew if he was excited to be home, to which he responded with "eh".

As they've stated in previous episodes, like Episode 2 of Season 3, there wasn't a lot of American food in Lithuania. They came home to food from different fast food places like Del Taco, Chick-fil-A, and other fast food restaurants. A few days later, they had a barbecue dinner with family members and close friends to welcome the boys home.

As they've been away from home for four months, it is expected that there would be an adjustment period for Melo and Gelo when they returned. Gelo couldn't recognize which dog was which and he said that the dogs got bigger than he expected they would. Melo had a hard time figuring out where things were in the house.


While in Lithuania, Gelo found out from his teammates that there weren't any barbers in Lithuania, so he decided to let his hair grow. Since he's home, he made a trip to the barber to get a haircut, as he hasn't gotten one in five months. Lonzo ended up getting his haircut at home, as he must have brought his barber in.

Zo and LaVar wanted Melo to get a haircut, but he refused to, as he liked his hair. Zo and LaVar really wanted him to get a haircut, so Lonzo said he'd give him $100 and LaVar said he'd give $700 if Melo got a haircut, which he agreed to. As Melo doesn't get haircuts often, the whole family came out to watch him get his hair cut.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, they show a preview of what's going to be in the next episode. In Episode 7 from Season 3, which will air next Sunday (July 22) on Facebook Watch, Tina says that she doesn't like Gelo's haircut. LaVar invited four players from the JBA to stay with him at his house so he can train them. LaVar Ball is a man of many words. He says that those four players are going to be NBA-ready in a year. Also, the players are seen arguing with each other during practice.