Batwoman will be getting her own TV series that is currently in development with the CW. Batwoman is a fictional character in the DC universe who is inspired by Batman to fight crime. This show will be unique in many ways and will sport a different kind of hero for the DC universe.

The details

According to an article by Heroic Hollywood: "Greg Berlanti is once again teaming up with the CW to create a new television project focusing on Batwoman. Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) is writing the script."

The main plot of the TV series will follow Batwoman, armed with a passion for fighting crime as she sharpens her skills as a fighter in Gotham.

Aside from being a great fighter, she also is very intelligent and knows how to use advanced technology. Batman is a symbol of hope, but so is Batwoman, but the show will focus on the character overcoming her own inner demons as well. The vigilante will face hardships and obstacles as the series progresses.

It is unknown at this time who will play the title role, but according to Heroic Hollywood, "A casting notice for the role of Batwoman is expected to go out shortly." The hero will make an appearance during this year's Arrowverse crossover event -- according to the article.

History, unique plotline

Batwoman was first introduced in 1956 for Detective Comics as Kathy Kane. Uniquely, she was one of the first heroes to make up the "Batman" family.

The character was changed to Kate Kane, "a Jewish lesbian who protects Gotham." This is what makes the hero so unique and what would make the TV series so groundbreaking. Batwoman has represented the LGBT community in the past and received an award for it.

According to an article by Deadline the TV series could be released as early as 2019.

The reason the show would be special is that the vigilante would become "the first gay lead character -- male or female -- of a live-action superhero series."

Mixed responses

Some are truly excited to see Batwoman get her own TV series, while others are not too fond of the idea. Some people do not know how to feel about the show's direction and are worried about who they will get to play the lead role.

Some believe that not every DC hero needs their own TV show, while others are looking forward to the show and believe that we need more superheroes that are female instead of being male dominated.

Are you excited to see this show come to life on the CW? The network has a solid track record when it comes to adapting shows, so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.