A new teaser trailer was released for the thriller "Glass." It is the third film in the series which includes other entries like "Split" and "Unbreakable." The short clip does not show much but it shows that the beast will be back and that a lot of mayhem will follow in its wake. The trailer is accompanied by the sound of shattering glass with lead actor James McAvoy's face and multiple personalities at the helm. In the film "Split" we saw this individual with multiple personalities terrorizing victims in a secluded area.

What is to come

The teaser clip shows that the beast is back and ready to terrorize more people.

The full trailer will be released on Friday, July 20. The beast was formed (according to an article by Comic Book) because multiple personalities went to war with one another, leading to the abduction of three girls in the process. This war unleashed the beast, so to speak. Only one of the individuals was able to escape and survive the encounter in "Split." This powerful new form called "The Beast" will be in the upcoming film.

A man from the film "Unbreakable" will have to step in (David Dunn) and stop the beast -- played by veteran action actor Bruce Willis. Dunn will struggle trying to stop the beast as he will be institutionalized and studied by a doctor, but a familiar enemy named Mr. Glass will complicate matters even further for the protagonist.

"Glass" is set to be one of the most anticipated films of 2019. We still do not have an official release date yet but we do know that it will arrive sometime next year. Many fans cannot wait to see this movie, and the full trailer will be shown during Universal's San Diego Comic-Con panel on Friday.

An impressive all-around cast

The movie will have a lot of great actors, as it stars Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlayne Woodard, Sarah Paulson, and James McAvoy. The film will have a lot of competition next year as major DC films "Shazam" and "Aquaman" will be released around the same time. "Glass" is looking to compete with both Movies, and Screen Rant notes that both films will be showcased at San Diego Comic-Con as well.

Fans will have to wait until Friday to see the full trailer for "Glass." More details are likely to surface as the release date for the film draws closer. What do you think so far? Are you excited to see "Glass"? Look for the film sometime in 2019, and look for the full trailer on Friday, July 20.