As a parent, you are supposed to support and encourage your children in achieving their dreams. As a parent, you do not let your dreams interfere with promoting and building a foundation for your children's dreams. There is a fine line of respect that a child and a parent have, sometimes parents overstep that line causing children to drift away and be on their own.

Lavar Ball, a father of three seems to be building a positive foundation for his upcoming basketball point guard star son Lonzo Ball from the University of California Los Angeles. Is Lavar Ball really building a positive foundation for his son or, does he seek the attention for himself?

As for Lavar Ball, he is letting the positive attention and fame he didn't receive in his prime years when he had a career in sports affect the decisions he is making for the future of his son Lonzo Ball. Lavar Ball has had his share of negativity with the building of his son’s future with the NBA. Threatening the co-host of “The Herd,” Kristine Leahy as she was questioning him, is at the top of the list.

Ex-NBA players are concerned that Lavar Ball’s role in his son’s basketball career might just ruin it for Lonzo Ball before he gets drafted. Managing and creating controversy before your son even gets drafted is just bizarre. Especially asking for three billion dollars for his son Lonzo Ball’s shoe line.

To some, it’s a laughing matter, especially if Lonzo Ball’s shoe line is more money than other star athlete’s shoes.

Nightmare of a Dad

Lavar Ball has painted a negative image of him and his son during his interviews. He stated that his son Lonzo Ball can only work for the Lakers team and not any other team in the NBA. After the lottery draft on May 16, 2017, Lavar Ball, promised that his son Lonzo Ball will be a Los Angeles Laker.

Lavar Ball is sure that his son will be wearing the Lakers purple and gold even though the Lakers have the No.2 Draft Pick. Father Lavar Ball has said that if his son is not a Laker, he promises that his son will play overseas for a year.

This father is already giving his son a hard start and he hasn’t even been drafted. Lonzo Ball's last game was a loss to Kentucky.

Some athletes have said that Lonzo wasn't doing his best to perform, shooting with only a 55 percent accuracy, and the Kentucky players were giving it to him hard. After the Kentucky game, Lonzo Ball was no longer the best of the best and that won't bode well with Lavar Ball.