Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" are suggesting an explosive love triangle that may soon take place where Bill, who is dating Phyllis, hooks up with her daughter. Summer Newman just returned to Genoa City and seems to enjoy flirting with danger, but sleeping with her mother's beau would be a bit much. Nick's daughter showed up unannounced when her mom and Billy were making out on the couch. Since then she has managed to insult Abby, Tessa, and Mariah, get on Kyle's bad side as well as get arrested for driving a car that belonged to her married boyfriend.

Now there is the possibility that Phyllis may experience heartbreak because her daughter could be trying to seduce her man.

Summer is taking Genoa City by storm

According to spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry and Y&R Worldwide fans, Summer's actions seem to be coming right out of her mother's playbook. Outside of her grandfather, there is not one person she has encountered who she has not rubbed the wrong way since returning to Genoa City. On Friday she talked Victor into buying her a car, even though her mom had refused. While Phyllis was out, her daughter sashayed around the apartment in her sleepwear, knowing full well that Billy was trying hard not to look. Spoilers indicate that the close proximity of Mr.

Abbott to his lover's daughter is going to cause big problems

Summer is taking her hometown by storm and milking every situation for all it is worth. Although "Silly," (Summer and Billy) or "Bummer" (Billy and Summer) are not bound by blood, they are practically thrice related. He was married to Victoria whose brother Nick is Ms.

Newman's biological father, making Victor Billy's former father in law and Ms. Newman's grandpa. If he marries Phyllis, then Billy would be Summer's stepdad. He is also her uncle through marriage on the Abbot side because his brother Jack was married to Phyllis and by law the stepfather to young Ms. Newman.

'Y&R' may be dumbing Billy down again

Billy knows the trouble and heartache he caused when he slept with his brother's wife. Since then it has seemed as though the powers that be at "Y&R" have been maturing his character, He is in a good place in his relationships with Phyllis, Victoria and extended family. He was giving sound advice to stepson Reed and also named CEO of Jabot Now, however, it appears Mr. Abbott may revert to his reckless ways.

Previews for Monday's "Y&R" episode, show Summer wearing lingerie and asking Billy if he is turned on. When he replies no, she tells him that she is turned on by him as well. Summer Newman is flirting with danger, by going after her mother's man. If Billy could not resist his brother's wife, how can he keep his hands off of her provocative daughter who is practically begging him to jump her bones? This is wrong, on so many levels, but if spoilers are correct Phyllis is about to be devastated.