Rudy Giuliani has painted himself into a corner when it comes to his recently shared views on Stormy Daniels, the former adult entertainment star whose claims about Donald Trump have taken on a life of their own these days. Giuliani recently shared his thoughts about Stormy Daniels and conveyed how he didn't have respect for her because of her past rather risque behaviors. Giuliani's stand on Daniels somehow prompted Megyn Kelly to bring up Melania Trump's past.

Melania dragged into the conversation

Megyn Kelly's past views on Donald Trump and women were noted when she made headline news during the Republican debates while the run for the White House was still in full swing.

During her NBC show, Kelly suggested Giuliani's words gave "the notion" that he respects "women of substance and a woman that won't sell her body for sexual exploitation," according to Mediate.

She then reminded Giuliani that back in 2000, Trump's wife, Melania Trump, posed without any clothes on for GQ Magazine. She did admit that posing without clothes is different than what being an adult film actress entails and while saying she's not comparing the two, Kelly seemed to do just that.

Giuliani 'old fashion'

Giuliani was in Israel this week, and according to CNN, he didn't appear to know that his comments on not respecting a woman like Stormy Daniels caused controversy back at home. Dana Bash from CNN called Giuliani while on his trip and asked him about his remarks.

According to Mediate, in that call, Guiliani referred to Daniels as being involved in a "slimy business."

An article from CNN reports how Giuliani stands by his remarks on Daniels and he defended what he had said to the media. Daniels is legally battling Trump over what she alleges was a one night stand the two embarked on over two decades ago.

No respect for women like that?

Giuliani was asked about his comments on not having respect for a woman like Daniels while he was in Tel Aviv at a conference this week. Saying that he may be "old-fashioned" but he felt that you don't have a reputation if you sell your body for money. He also cited feminists, who "historically," thought that what Daniels had been involved in was "demeaning to women."

Kelly, who added into her comments that she's not comparing the two, "but come on." While for the sake of the cameras, Kelly and Trump seemed to patch things up when she visited him in Trump Tower not too long after the debate seemed to position them as mortal enemies.

No love lost between Kelly and Trump?

As the Washington Post reported back then, Trump was "sore" over some of the things that Kelly said during her gig as a moderator for the Republican debate.

She questioned Trump on his thoughts on women, presenting items for the audience to hear that night. Trump was visibly upset and he told Kelly right there from the podium that he had always treated her nicely so he was perplexed over what she was doing. At the time of the debate, some people thought Kelly treated Trump totally different than the other candidates. The questions she sent their way were not as seemingly condemning as the ones she asked of Trump.