On Monday's episode of “The Young and the Restless” Billy and Phyllis were stunned when Summer showed up unannounced, walking in on them as they were in the heat of passion. Victor Newman's prodigal granddaughter did not even bat an eyelash. Later she showed up for the first Summer Nights outdoor concert, where Abby, Arturo, Kyle, Tessa, and Mariah had to deal with her manipulative ways. By the end of the evening, Phyllis and Nick's child was arrested for grand theft auto. Things in Genoa City are going to be pretty interesting as Ms. Newman seems poised to be every bit the conniving troublemaker that her mother used to be.

Summer winds are blowing in Genoa City

Summer blew into town and seemed to enjoy catching Billy and her mom off-guard. She did not stick around long but headed straight to the first night of the outdoor concert. While Tessa was away from her post, Ms. Newman took the microphone and announced that she was back in Genoa City. Tessa set her straight, only to have Summer make fun of her dress. Mariah told her friend that she had just encountered the infamous "Snowflake," who steps on everyone to get what she wants.

Ms. Neman went out of her way to annoy Kyle and Mariah, who implied they were a couple and began dancing together. Summer then set her sights on Arturo, who was seated at the bar. She got him on the floor and kept looking at Kyle as they danced but he was paying them no attention.

When Abby arrived and spotted her niece with the man she was supposed to meet she called Arturo out for working with Nick and targetting three women in her family. Abby was so distraught that she poured her drink all over the construction manager's head. The highlight of the evening came when Nick's daughter was arrested for grand theft auto.

Summer is the hot child on 'Y&R'

On Tuesday, Summer was out of jail and giving as good as she got to the adults who were grilling her. She told Billy, Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick that the car she was driving was given to her by a man she was dating and that his wife probably reported it stolen as an act of revenge. When the quartet began speaking on how wrong it was to date a married man, she threw all of their past relationships in their faces.

"The Young and the Restless" is using Ms. Newman as the hot child in Genoa City and things are heating up pretty fast.

Billy told his niece that she needs to tone things down a bit but the look on her face indicated that Summer Newman is just getting started. Stay tuned to "Y&R" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS to keep up with the antics of Ms. Newman.

Phyllis is already at her wit's end with her daughter and so is Abby -- who had been contemplating dating Arturo. Nick's plans to move are on hold thanks to Victor so perhaps he can help keep his child in check.