A batch of new "Wonder Woman 2" set photos has arrived online as fans continue to anticipate the big sequel. The first movie was a huge hit at the box office and critically-acclaimed, giving the DC Extended Universe a worthy entry in their catalog. Now fans of the franchise are hoping that Gal Gadot and company will be able to deliver in the next installment. With the newest movie set photos and some earlier plot teases, fans are starting to get an early idea of what the film might involve.

'Wonder Woman' sequel's set photos

Even though the new movie is being filmed in a more private area when it comes to the public, someone managed to get a few pics for others to see.

The Heroic Hollywood website presented a group of new "Wonder Woman 2" set photos (below) that show off several vehicles as part of a parking lot scene. The filming is being done at the closed Landmark Mall in Alexandria, Virginia. It's believed the photos suggest a retro Washington, DC parking lot and that it continues to confirm the film will have a 1980s setting based on the vehicles shown (below).

Several days ago, a Gamespot article showed off the first logo reveal for the "Wonder Woman" sequel. It simply had "WW84" shown as a VHS style logo.

That has led many people to believe 1984 will be the specific year in which they'll see Diana Prince having her next adventures on the screen. There had been reports prior to that logo reveal that this new film will have Diana (Wonder Woman) fighting against Soviet Union forces as part of the Cold War. That particular period in United States history started in 1945 and lasted until 1991.

In a Bizjournals report back in May, it was mentioned that the closed-down Landmark Mall was being used for the movie's filming. Among the reasons behind this particular choice was the fact the spacious mall was easy to close off to the public, and that its empty confines were able to "house offices and other functions." Basically, the large spacious mall which was closed down last year works out well for filming as well as storage for sets and costumes.

Other 'Wonder Woman' movie details

Director Patty Jenkins will head up the second effort after the success of her first. She will co-write and produce for the "Wonder Woman 2" movie. Actress Gal Gadot is obviously back for the sequel after the major success she had as the character in her first solo endeavor. Gadot also appeared in the "Justice League" film as part of the team after being introduced in "Batman v Superman." There is at least one major villain already known to be part of the film. Back in March, it was confirmed that former "Saturday Night Live" star and current actress Kirsten Wiig will have the role of Cheetah. Pedro Pascal from "Narcos" and "Game of Thrones" is also said to have a "key role" in the upcoming sequel.

Fans still have over a year to wait to see what's in store for Wonder Woman in the 1980s adventure. The "Wonder Woman 2" film was originally planned for a December 13, 2019 release. However, Warner Bros. decided it best to move that date to November 1, 2019, so that they could avoid direct competition with the "Star Wars: Episode IX" movie slated for release in December.