Kerry Feirman is the host, producer, and creator of the popular digital program known as "Talk Tennis With Kerry," featuring chats with Celebrities, exciting news and gossip, exclusive event coverage and behind the scenes, red carpets, tournaments, and much more. Fans looking for more sources of information on Kerry Feirman and her program can visit her self-titled Facebook page and YouTube page as well.

Kerry recently discussed her digital platform and latest news via an exclusive interview with Meagan Meehan of Blasting News.

Entertainment industry, tennis, and talk shows

Meagan Meehan (MM): You wear many hats in the entertainment industry, so which job position do you enjoy most and why?

Kerry Feirman (KF): I do! I’m a host, writer, producer and creative director! Writing has always been my passion. In college I took writing and journalism classes, graduating with Dean’s Honors. I tried acting for a while, but realized I enjoy being in front of the camera playing myself rather than someone else. As for producing and creating content, I’ve always had a wild imagination. I see fantastic scenarios play out in my head. After trying to explain the visions to many people, it became clear that it’s often impossible to make others see the pictures in your head.

So, I started to create them myself. Seeing your image come to life is incredibly fulfilling. To answer your question, I can’t just choose one; it’s the variation of hats that make what I do so special and enjoyable.

MM: How did you initially get interested in tennis and how did that lead to your talk show?

KF: I was born into a big tennis family.

I basically had a racquet in my hand as soon as I could walk. My big brother was a really amazing player, and as the little tag-along sister I wanted to be just like him. I even remember my very first coaches; Chris Bradley and Steve Deggleman at the Alpine Hills Country Club in the Bay Area, where I grew up.

I played competitively until college.

I participated in other sports as a kid, but tennis was the one that stood out to me. From the energy of the game, rush of the competition, the high feeling when you hit a winner that your opponent can’t get their racquet on. The sport became a love to me on many levels. It’s fun and great exercise, but there are life lessons that can be learned as well. I primarily played singles growing up, so it’s just you, the court, and your opponent out there. You don’t have a team to rely on, to back you up when you aren’t playing well, to give you a pep talk when your motivation is low, to take over and let you have a rest when you’re exhausted. In tennis you have to learn to cope with all of these things yourself.

That translates to life. I am so appreciative to my parents for involving me in this sport early on. I know my independence, strength, drive to win and achieve in the game of life is in great part due to growing up playing tennis.

I always dabbled in acting. I did tons of theater as a child. As an adult I moved to LA to try and chase the dream of becoming a movie star. I booked a few roles and had fun. I ended up doing a few reality shows where I realized that while I enjoyed acting, I REALLY enjoyed just being myself! I then heeded a good friend’s advice to take a hosting class, and I couldn’t be more thankful because that class changed my life. The hosting coach, Marki Costello, with her booming presence, opened the class by saying “Who are you?

What do you love in life? What are you passionate about and can speak enthusiastically and from the heart about? What is your BRAND?!” And it happened. I had my “AH HA!” moment. Tennis combined with being myself as a host; that was my “brand”! That’s where TALK TENNIS was born about 5 years ago. Through growing the show, trial and error, successes and blunders, and ultimately having to learn how to do everything myself that comes with creating your own show, I learned that I really enjoyed the behind the scenes as well. I love writing, being creative, and making my visions come to life.

MM: What can listeners/viewers expect from your show and typically how do you secure guests/interviewees?

KF: What listeners and viewers can expect when they tune in to TALK TENNIS is a darn good time!

The purpose of the show is to explore facts and stats, delve into the juicy gossip, and learn more details about the players and events going on around the sport and tournaments, insider information, and exploring places and elements that the average person would not know about. TALK TENNIS also brings in celebrities of other sports and other genres (acting, music, etc.). I play games, explore places, go on adventures, compete in challenges, and I certainly don’t hold back in conversations and interviews. TALK TENNIS adds a whole lot of spice to the pot. The tone is predominantly comedic and is definitely breaking down walls.

Guests and interviews are secured either via my personal relationships, relationship’s I’ve acquired from building TALK TENNIS, or from the show’s reputation.

Sometimes I’ll reach out to a network or outlet about an event or a player in regards to a segment. And sometimes those networks, outlets and players reach out to me.

MM: What opportunities has “Talk Tennis With Kerry” afforded you and how would you like to see the program expand in the future?

KF: TALK TENNIS has allowed me to “live the life I want to live.” I’ve been building amazing relationships from the players, to coaches and trainers, to production teams behind the scenes. I now have opportunities to cover events and tournaments as media that I would previously just watch from afar. Now I’m up close and personal, and sometimes I’m even on the court with the players!

In the future, expansion in all ways!

I work day in and day out to expand and grow this platform. Ultimately, I’d like to see TALK TENNIS grow into a full digital network that houses multiple tennis shows under its umbrella and for it to be the #1 source for everything tennis. I’d like to see the day come where whenever someone wants to know about tennis, or watch some tennis related content, TALK TENNIS is the first outlet that comes to mind.

MM: How difficult was it to establish “Talk Tennis With Kerry” and how do you advertise it and keep viewers?

KF: It’s been a lot of work! Many days I wished that someone influential could have seen the vision exactly how I did and had the power and prestige to sweep the idea off the ground into great success over night.

But then I think, if this had happened I never would have learned the abundance of lessons, and acquired the great deal of tools and skills, that I now have. I’ve always had a really strong work ethic, but with TALK TENNIS there is an endless amount of things that need to be done. Networking, making sure the digital platform and social media outlets are always up to date, constantly creating content, reaching out to networks and other tennis companies to collaborate, doing a lot of free work in the beginning to show the benefits TALK TENNIS could bring to people’s brands (going negative/spending my own money to produce material to show companies and people what TALK TENNIS is about), etc. Many late nights staring at my computer screen editing, making posts and writing scripts, often on very little sleep.

Oh, and let me not forget the other sacrifices I make; social life out the window; sleep, what’s that? Dating, don’t even get me started.

Keeping viewers and acquiring more is the golden key. It is important to I keep up on content, stay relevant to the times, and provide material that’s engaging, while also being responsive to my audience. I also do a lot of collaborations with other tennis brands, and sports content creators. I work as the primary Digital Media Partner for several large tennis outlets. TALK TENNIS also lives on other tennis platforms and serves as a regular contributor to many Tennis newsletters. I truly believe this is a unique concept and show with magnificent potential to attain great heights.

My goal is to get TALK TENNIS in front of as many eyes as humanly possible!

Acting, roles, and goals

MM: You’re also an actress, so what kinds of roles do you most enjoy portraying?

KF: I’m not so much an actress these days. The primary acting I do now is the funny tennis skits for TALK TENNIS.

As a kid I grew up doing theater. I’ve always had a booming voice, and love for performing. I worked with a professional theater company while in middle and high school. Once I graduated from college I did catch the film/TV bug and pursued that desire. I loved acting and was fortunate to get a few good roles. I also starred in a string of stereotypical, new to LA girl, cheesy horror films that ended up at Blockbuster.

And no, I did not get naked for any of those roles. I did however get my head chopped off, an axe to the chest, and my throat slit. Ironically, I can’t watch horror movies, but they’re a whole lot of fun to make!

If I were to get a call today and booked for an appropriate role, I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to going down that road again for a few acting projects! I don’t think running down a dark alley way screaming while a masked man heaving a machete chases after me, is the type of suitable role for me anymore. I’m obsessed with Law and Order, and Criminal Minds type shows. The CW and Netflix have highly entertaining series as well. I could see myself jumping in to that realm of roles if they were to happen to cross my path.

MM: What are your biggest goals for your future in the entertainment industry overall?

KF: It’s important to me to see TALK TENNIS boom and become the ‘go to’ platform. From there I’d love to create the same for other sports. My goal is to get in while the kettle is hot and become the best and biggest go to Tennis/Sports platform possible.

MM: What do you wish more people knew about your show and is there anything else that you would like to add?

KF: Give TALK TENNIS a chance! It is far from your typical tennis show. Not only will you learn, but you’ll laugh, smile, and hopefully even want to start playing tennis, if you don’t already! Engage with me on the TALK TENNIS platforms! I always respond!