With “Wonder Woman” tearing up box office records, a sequel has become inevitable. Screen Rant has announced that the second movie will not only be set in the 1980s, with Diana Prince going up against the Soviets during the end game of the Cold War but that Steve Trevor will be back in some capacity.

What would Wonder Woman do in the Reagan 1980s?

Anyone who lived through the era or has seen episodes of “The Americans” knows that the 1980s were an exciting time. President Reagan had been elected on the promise to place the Evil Empire of the Soviet Union on the ash heap of history and set out to do so with a will.

How Wonder Woman would lend a hand in that task is a matter of speculation.

The thought of Diana knocking down Soviet helicopters in Afghanistan while fighting alongside the Mujahidin or helping out the Contras in Central America will bring to mind her feat of penetrating the World War I no man’s land in the first movie. Those and other proxy wars played a part in bleeding the Soviet Empire and hastening that country’s collapse.

Wonder Woman could also make a pretty good spy, using that lasso of truth to extract information from enemy agents. She could help the Solidarity movement in Poland or perform some other operation of the sort that is still classified in the archives of the CIA. Maybe the Soviets will have a super villain, perhaps Ares again, trying to keep the evil empire alive.

The return of Steve Trevor

Bringing back Chris Pine is a no brainer. He and Gal Gadot had remarkable chemistry in the first movie. However (and this is a spoiler alter) the inconvenient truth is that Steve Trevor died in an incredible act of self-sacrifice that would make bringing him back in some fashion a cheat in some ways.

Of course, perhaps Trevor is not vamped out of the plane before it explodes. The character could return in a flashback or a dream sequence. That dodge might be too limiting for the character though.

On the other hand, Pine might not play Trevor at all. Diana and Steve did share a night of passion during the first film. (Also, contrary to some of the foolish speculation on social media, a form of “Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex” situation does not apply.

Greek demigoddesses and mortals dallied all the time in the myths with no ill effects.) In any case, Pine might play Diana’s son or grandson, which certainly would change the relationship between the characters played by Pine and Gadot, In any case, one can hardly wait.