Chelsea Houska's exposure seems to be waning when it comes to getting face time on the screen for the "Teen Mom 2" show. Fans didn't see too much of her on the "Teen Mom 2 Reunion Show" as well. According to the latest reports, Chelsea left the set of the reunion show with her husband while making it well known she's not into the drama anymore.

Chelsea's husband, Cole DeBoer, offered up parting words while exiting the set of the reunion show. He said: all this "drama is for nerds." It seems he may have coined a term upon taking his leave.

Words of wisdom now on T-shirt?

Apparently, the husband and wife team thought Cole's parting words were ones of wisdom. They are now selling their lack of enthusiasm for the drama on the show via T-shirts. Cole's "nerd" sentence is now a slogan for T-shirts that Chelsea has offered up to the masses for purchase. It seems the drama may be beneath this couple when it comes to the show, but not when it comes to selling T-shirts. You can check out those shirts below in the Twitter post.

The drama on "Teen Mom 2" is what gives this reality show its entertainment value, and it wasn't all that long ago when Chelsea herself was in the center of that drama.

But these veteran "Teen Mom" cast members are in their mid to late twenties, which is far from being a "Teen Mom" today. It stands to reason some will grow-up and grow out of the drama.

Distancing herself from 'Teen Moms'?

Hidden Remote is pondering Chelsea's moves. They ask if she is "distancing herself" from "Teen Mom." According to this media site, Chelsea has not been seen as much as she once was in front of the cameras and she and her husband have made it clear they don't want the drama.

With that said, they don't seem to mind affiliating themselves with the show for a new venture they've embarked on which seemingly entails slamming the show with a slogan on a T-shirt.

Chelsea still has a lot of fans out there, and maybe that is what she is banking on when embarking on this new T-shirt venture.

The T-shirt has "Drama is for the Nerds" written on the front and below that it says "Chelsea and Cole."

Reality stars getting a kick-start

It is not unheard of for reality stars to branch out on their own to make money selling goods with their name attached to it. According to Biography, Bethenny Frankel, who gained fame as a cast member on "Real Housewives of New York City" launched a successful cocktail business, Skinny Girl.

Bethenny's first brush with fame came as a chef when she appeared on "The Apprentice - Martha Stewart" show, and from there Bravo cast her on "Real Housewives." Her previous attempts at creating merchandise for the masses faltered, but that was before her "Housewives" gig.

It wasn't until her Skinny Girl pre-mixed cocktails were marketed that she became a successful merchandising mogul.

Some might say that the "Teen Mom" cast members are just a younger version of the "Real Housewives" stars as drama seems to drive both shows. It worked for Bethenny; maybe it will work for Chelsea. It doesn't sound as if Chelsea is over-ambitious when it comes to selling these T-shirts. Hidden Remote mentions: "It is a shirt that people can buy if they want." There is nothing more said about any advertising or a push on marketing this item.