So who called the cops? This is the big question bouncing around Jenelle Evans and David Eason after the preview of the next new episode of "Teen Moms 2" aired. OK Magazine calls this a "sneak peek" of the latest episode scheduled to air on Monday.

Jenelle is heard telling the producers of the show that she has no idea why anyone would call the police and send them to her home. She claims she's been doing nothing more than staying home these days.

Jenelle at a loss

The "Teen Mom" star spewed off a few things that she hasn't done such as, "I've hit no one." She also adds that she hasn't done any "threatening." The mom of three then expressed that she's not worried about anyone and goes on to say she's "not doing s**t."

While Jenelle shared her dismay over the visit from the cop, it was her husband who greeted the law enforcement officer at the door.

Okay Magazine suggests that David answering the door to the cop "didn't go well."

'Well check' on kids?

According to the magazine, the cops were there to do a "well check" on the kids, but this left Jenelle confused and a bit aggravated, to say the least. This sneak peek look at next week's episode is called "chilling" as no one wants the cops at their door inquiring about the well being of your kids.

Between Jenelle and David, they have six kids. They are both the biological parents of the youngest of all the kids, Ensey, who is only one year old. From their previous relationships, Jenelle has two sons, Jace and Kaiser, and David is the dad of Maryssa and Kaden.

The non-stop drama

An article from Teen Mom Talk Now suggests that Jenelle is a "pretty divisive character," much like the other "Teen Mom" cast members.

She offered up tons of drama and controversy during her early "Teen Mom" days and even now that she is married and supposedly settled down, the controversy keeps emerging.

From the beginning of the show Jenelle's choice in men didn't always pan out but then David came along.

When he first emerged on the TV screen the fans of the show loved him and he soon became a show favorite.

Don't judge a book by its cover

The favoritism that David was once awarded by the fans has changed due to his behavior. It was his behavior that got him fired from the show as time went on and his true colors emerged. His opinions on Twitter were not ones MTV wanted to be affiliated with the show or their cast members so he got the bo

Fans of the MTV show were voicing their opinions on Twitter recently when David lost his temper and blew up at the kids.

He did this during the taping of the show so the fans got to witness his outburst firsthand. The show's fans were concerned that this situation with David and his temper might not be the best thing for the kids.

It is not known why the cops were called or what transpired after they arrived due to the scene being only a teaser for the next episode. Fans may have already formed some idea as to why someone took the liberty of requesting the "well check" on the kids.